Piaggio launches 300cc Ape’ HT cargo and passenger three-wheeler range
by Nilesh Wadhwa 23 Jul 2021

The company says the new 300cc water-cooled engine is developed by Piaggio indigenously to cater to and deliver the high-tech experience of alternate fuel engines.

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The State Goods & Service Tax amount will be reimbursed as a "one-time grant" to EV buyers from April 2021 till March 2022; EVs have to be bought in R...

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Collaboration to conceive, design, prototype and manufacture high efficiency, low-cost, magnet-less powertrain for electric two- and three-wheelers fo...

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Petrol price increase continues unabated; diesel sees its first price cut in two-and-a-half months – by a meagre 16 paise a litre

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Delhi is the latest metro to see the price of petrol cross the Rs 100-a-litre mark.

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Sixteen price hikes in June take fuel prices to record highs every other day in India.

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New notification will promote ‘ease of doing business’ in the State and do away with the need for physical visits to RTOs. 

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Ather Energy's Chief Business Officer says more players should enter the EV industry in India to give it a new charge.

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Also partners Bharat Electronics, Fortum, JBM Renewables and TVS Motor to develop electric mobility ecosystem in the country

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In the process, Mahindra EVs have helped save 30,000 MT of CO2 emission from entering the atmosphere, an effort equal to planting 1.3 million trees.

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In Delhi today, petrol today costs Rs 94.49 a litre and diesel Rs 85.38 a litre.

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After staying put at a Bradmanesque Rs 99.94 for two days, petrol price surges to cross the Rs 100-a-litre mark.

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The next price hike, the 15th in May 2021, which should come any day now will see petrol cost Rs 100 a litre in India’s maximum city.  

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Theme for 2021 UN Global Road Safety Week is 30kph default speed limits where people and vehicles mix; 5% cut in average speed can result in a 30% red...

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A litre of petrol, which costs Rs 92.58 in Delhi includes 59% Central and State taxes; diesel at Rs 83.22 bears 53% taxation.

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Fuel prices scale record highs; petrol in Mumbai is Rs 98.12 a litre, just Rs 1.88 shy of the Rs 100 mark; diesel not far behind.

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With the pandemic making inroads into rural India, the auto industry is staring at difficult times albeit the forecast of a good monsoon could bring g...

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Petrol and diesel prices hiked by 66 and 84 paise a litre in four days; petrol scales record high and is just Rs 2.39 shy of the Rs 100-a-litre mark.

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Following a long lull when petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged, fuel prices now see a daily hike.

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The Treo Zor comes in 3 variants – Pickup, Delivery Van and Flat Bed – and is seeing demand from a number of last-mile delivery operators

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EV capacity to be increased in three phases starting with 100,000 units. Operations will kick off this year, signalling the next phase of expansion fo...

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