Pent-up demand, infra push drives M&HCV sales in February
by Nilesh Wadhwa 01 Mar 2021

In February 2021, overall CV sales totalled 58,051 units, which is a percentage lower compared to a year ago and 6 percent lower than January 2021.

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Despite supply chain challenges, February 2021 sales turn peppy for most carmakers which now look to end the fiscal on an optimistic note albeit they ...

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These best-selling Top 10 motorcycles cumulatively (762,145) account for 83% of total motorcycles in January 2021.

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These top five best-selling models account for 48.50% of total UV sales in January 2021, leaving the balance to 70-odd models also in the fray.

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Analysis: How safe are electric cars?
by Autocar UK  11 Feb 2021


Batteries and high-voltage electrical systems can pose a fire risk – but in reality, EVs are just as safe as other cars

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Overall month-on-month sales for two-wheelers have risen 24 percent in January across six OEMs.

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New vehicle sales in December 2020 benefit from pent-up demand, register reduced rate of decline in Q3 FY2021 over Q2.

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Korean automaker bullish about long-term growth from its youngest market with increased domestic market sales and made-in-India vehicle exports from t...

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Six OEMs record growth in the last month of 2020 but the industry concern is whether the momentum continues into 2021 on a sustained basis.

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India’s two largest CV OEMs – Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland – average robust 38% growth in medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

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The ongoing surge in the e-commerce business and massive demand for last-mile mobility in India sees Mahindra Electric aggressively expand its three-w...

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Festive-led demand gives OEMs traction but the months to come will decide if the growth is sustainable.

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​After a two-month streak of healthy despatches to dealers in anticipation of festive demand, carmakers mellow down wholesales in November.

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CV industry sees muted growth over post-festive season commercial vehicle sales plunge back in red.

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With October being a month of festivities, OEMs seem to have benefited from a fair amount of pent-up demand even as they pumped up the volumes at thei...

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Of total UV sales of 113,990 units, these five best-selling UVs contributed 55,559 or 49%, indicative of how they are driving the growth in this hard-...

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At 1,154,518 units, these Top 10 motorcycles contributed to 83% of total motorcycles sold in October.

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To be deemed British, a car must have a reach certain value level of British parts - if doesn't, and it isn't, it could be subject to EU tariffs

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Brand Mercedes-Benz aims to enhance its luxury status, raise the product portfolio’s positioning and mix, pursue significant growth for sub-brands AMG...

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With OEMs pumping up volumes and increasing dealer inventory in anticipation of festive sales, October numbers were not surprisingly good. The real gr...

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