Over 200 horses in a sports bag: Volkswagen ID.3’s electric drive
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 15 Nov 2019

Volkswagen's electric drive for the ID.3 is not only less complex than a conventional petrol or diesel engine, but also compact enough to fit in a sports bag.

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Introduction of brands is a regular practice but only once in a while comes one that captures the consumer's mind like no other. The Bajaj Chetak is  ...

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Tech talk: An insight into how brakes work
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  13 Nov 2019

From parking versions to disc types, brakes are a crucial bit of tech for your car. We survey the different sorts

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BASF is targeting new growth with the advent of BS VI norms in India. It is also working on its new technology to increase its material supply busines...

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Sensing the path ahead for autonomous cars
by Nick Gibbs, Autocar UK  08 Nov 2019

Five years ago, the future looked bright, but with fully-autonomous vehicles still to materialise, even the faithful are starting to have doubts.

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As lightweighting becomes the need of the hour for automakers, engineering plastics major looks to explore deeper synergies with OEMs and suppliers to...

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India Auto Inc’s new lean mantra
by Mayank Dhingra and Nilesh Wadhwa  04 Nov 2019

To be lean and green is the avowed mission of vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, as they gear up for a sustainable but disruptive future.

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The aluminium alloy and carbonfibre blends will be coming soon to a powertrain near you, taking over from traditional materials like steel, aluminium ...

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Live trials of self-driving cars, such as the Nissan Leaf's 230-mile trip to Sunderland, split opinion within the industry. We weigh both sides of the...

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Even the most dedicated petrol-head often snubs lubricating oil, but this under-appreciated fluid plays a critical role.

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How India Auto Inc can maximise potential
by Mayank Dhingra  08 Oct 2019

​Kognoz Research & Consulting shows vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in India how they can improve their performance through its people and busines...

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S-CCI eyes growth in turbulent times
by Mayank Dhingra  08 Oct 2019

Manesar-based coolant and brake fluids supplier is dealing with lowered capacity utilisation due to the ongoing industry slowdown and has put two gree...

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Volkswagen’s ambitious plans for EVs in China
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  07 Oct 2019

Volkswagen’s ambitious EV plans rely heavily on China, which poses major challenges

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A breakthrough in motor and electronics design by Continental AG allows mild hybrids to deliver electric-only driving like a full hybrid for less cost

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Light-emitting diodes cast a brighter glow and use less energy, but there are other benefits as well

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From early three-speed pioneers to today's silky smooth nine-speed set-ups, the automatic gearbox has become a truly advanced piece of kit

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Spoilers aren't the be-all and end-all when it comes to aerodynamics - underfloor design comes into it too

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New types of paint-like coatings promise to make better batteries and help lidar to see black cars in the gloom.

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20 things cars couldn’t do 10 years ago
by Ian Dickson, Autocar UK  30 Sep 2019

Electrification, autonomy, connectivity are some of the fields in which the global automobile sector has advanced a lot and enabled the cars of today ...

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What the world’s tech moguls drive
by Ian Dickson, Autocar UK  29 Sep 2019

Their technology increasingly rules and runs the modern world, but what do they all drive?

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