Leading a business during unprecedented challenging times
by Sumantra B Barooah 01 Apr 2020

As much as the coronavirus pandemic is testing the resilience of industry, it is also a test of leadership and management practices. Here's looking how the leadership of a few...

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The biggest emission regulation change in a decade is upon us. Part 1 of this special series on BS 6 details the background story on the emission norm...

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BS 6 Special: Part 2 | How BS 6 engines work
by Hormazd Sorabjee, Autocar India  01 Apr 2020

To comply with BS 6 emission norms, existing petrol and diesel engines need comprehensive changes. Find out just what.

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BS 6 Special: Part 3 | The engines BS 6 killed
by Hormazd Sorabjee, Autocar India  31 Mar 2020

The implementation of BS 6 norms marks the end of the road for many existing engines in India.

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BS 6 Special: Part 4 | BS 6 and two-wheelers
by Rishaad Mody, Autocar India  31 Mar 2020

The fourth part of this special series on BS 6 emissions norms has the answers to frequent questions on BS 6-compliant motorcycles and scooters.

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The whole world is affected by the new coronavirus global pandemic. The simplest advice for how to stay safe is to stay home. But what if you have to ...

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The colour of the car you drive ‘speaks’ a lot more about your personality than you think.

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Closing the workplace gender gap
by Murali K Menon  07 Mar 2020

Women account for 31 percent of MG Motor India’s Halol plant in Gujarat. Find out about how the brand is promoting gender diversity.

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Taking forward the design story with Ramkripa Ananthan
by Sumana Sarkar & Sumantra B Barooah  07 Mar 2020

Mahindra & Mahindra's Head of Design speaks about the company's 2050 vision and how design acts as a bridge to strength consumer connect.

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Nature conservation is her vocation, and a camera her constant companion: adventurer and conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier seeks to initi...

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Women are playing a key role in designing tomorrow's mobility in areas like connectivity, voice-activated assistants or cybersecurity. Find out how An...

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Given China’s dynamic role in global supply chains and as a primary source of many an automotive component, the impact of current production stoppage ...

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Tech talk: Modern structures of modern cars
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  02 Mar 2020

Sacrificial structures and impenetrable cells lead the improvements in car safety since the 1970s

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Following a company survey that revealed that consumer anxiety related to charging could decide the success or failure of its electric Chetak scooter,...

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Instead of conventional speakers, the system turns the car’s internal trim panels into speaker surfaces.

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The study was able to demonstrate that a Tesla Model X and a Tesla Model S, both from 2016 and both with the Tesla hardware pack 1, were made to accel...

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Convenience of induction pads may be the catalyst for a mass move to electric cars

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Auto Expo 2020 saw the introduction of at least two new car brands in India. With growing competition from existing set of newcomers, and more to come...

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The new ‘Assembled in India’ electric ATV is being developed with imported components and its makers are bullish about its export potentials consideri...

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Tech talk: How brake-by-wire is improving cars
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  11 Feb 2020

Saving weight and space are just two of the ways brake-by-wire is improving cars.

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