Petro to electro: World-changing transition has begun
by A Roychowdhury, S Das, M Mohanty, S Srivastava 08 May 2021

The geopolitics of the world will shift from oil-producing countries to the rare earth and other critical mineral producing countries in the coming years

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How modeling and simulation help understand capacity fade
by Dr Vineet Dravid, MD, COMSOL Multiphysics  03 May 2021


Capacity loss in Li-ion batteries occurs when a battery starts to age with time and use, leading to unacceptable low performance. Modeling and simulat...

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Rahul Bajaj, one of the longest-serving chairmen in corporate India, recently stepped down. In an environment where businessmen prefer to be diplomati...

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Leading car manufacturers in India are accelerating the use of online buying solutions to enable purchases amid Covid-containing restrictions.

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New blower system could help manufacturers achieve Euro 7 NOx reductions of 90%

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Maruti Suzuki India’s former MD Jagdish Khattar, who passed away today, was a people’s man and an efficient leader who recognised the potential of rur...

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German speciality chemicals major is in talks with at least 20 companies which are setting up Compressed Biogas plants in India.

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Pune-based packaging engineering company facilitates reduction in carbon footprint for the automotive industry through clever and green packaging solu...

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US-headquartered Hexagon Group aims to disrupt the diesel-driven Indian commercial vehicle sector with its energy-agnostic solutions.

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Honda’s midsized motorcycle is looking to grab a share of Royal Enfield’s pie with a tried-and-tested retro flavour.

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Dr Pawan Goenka, who retired recently as Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra after 27 memorable years, believes the company has made some right c...

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The French brand is not quite famous in India, but there’s a customer base of old Citroen models here which the brand wants to tap on for a successfu...

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Like their smartphones, car users are keen to stay fully connected in their computers on wheels, which is why OEMs are pushing the connectivity envelo...

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The snazzy hatchback gets a more powerful ‘DualJet’ engine with idle start-stop tech, but can it beat rivals which come feature-loaded?

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Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto speaks about the state of the domestic two-wheeler market, buoyancy in exports, the success in the premiu...

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State-of-the art engineering design, high power density and a flatter torque curve help yield the highest fluid economy and help reduce operating cost...

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Two-wheeler manufacturers race to conserve water
by Mayank Dhingra and Sricharan R  22 Mar 2021

TVS Motor Company and Yamaha are re-evaluating water consumption and usage patterns and targeting enhanced sustainability.

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Why every drop matters for Indian automakers
by Mayank Dhingra  22 Mar 2021

With water being an increasingly scarce resource, automakers in India are deploying innovative measures to conserve and re-use it across multiple oper...

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The country’s largest passenger vehicle OEM sees electric vehicles as the future, but won’t bet on it yet.

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With growing demand in the midsize motorcycle market, it’s no surprise that Benelli plans to introduce a new set of 250cc machines.

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