‘The future is shared mobility, rather than a vehicle’s ability’: Deepak VS
by Ujal Nair 15 May 2019

Deepak VS, founder of Tilt bikes, discusses the future prospects of shared mobility and its benefits in the congested urban setup.

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Entering the mainstream on the first Golf R32, dual-clutch transmissions combine the best bits of manual and auto 'boxes.

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Analysis: Just how eco-friendly are EVs?
by Hilton Holloway, Autocar UK  10 May 2019

CO2-intensive battery production means emissions-free travel remains a mirage.

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Axial flux motors are being developed as a new means of hybridising combustion engines.

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Fuel economy and emissions testing isn’t a glamorous subject, but understanding the new system can save you a tidy sum.

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Tech talk: The electric motor that drives an EV
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  29 Apr 2019

Batteries and chargers don't drive an electric vehicle, the motor does. Let's give it some more attention.

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How Tesla is earning from FCA out of nothing
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  24 Apr 2019

Pooling its line-up with Tesla is allowing FCA to cut its EU fleet-average CO2 liability.

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The Swindon factory closure: how Honda got Europe so wrong
by Julian Rendell, Autocar UK  22 Apr 2019

The decision to imminently shut Honda’s UK production plant is the result of a deep-rooted decline in European sales.

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NI claims that the ECU vendor recorded a reduction in development time to one-sixth of the previous system and lowered the system cost to 70 percent.

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Lucas TVS, among the first Indian Tier 1 suppliers to venture into the EV space and part of the TVS Group company leverages its technical knowhow to g...

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The German automotive Tier 1 giant is bullish on the future potential of in-vehicle electronics specific to driver information and is all set to revol...

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TKM’s manufacturing plant at Bidadi with key contributor being optimisation of renewable energy was recognised as the ‘Model Plant’ under its ‘Zero Co...

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Sedemac, Pune-based supplier of control systems for small engines and powertrains develops world’s first sensorless ISG technology, which can also be ...

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Companies like Leadec Industrial Services are enabling a smooth shift into automation and digitization and the automotive industry is increasing its f...

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Exactly 185 years ago, Mercedes-Benz founder Gottlieb Daimler was born 185 years ago on 17 March 1834. Ten years later, Carl Benz was born. Today, Dai...

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Seema Gupta of Alwar, Rajasthan is breaking barriers and how with nearly 90 percent of the tractor sales being finalised in the field and not through ...

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Women are behind several innovations that have shaped the automotive industry. Lane markings, turn signals and rear view mirrors all have the hallmark...

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The CEO of Hey Deedee, an enterprise that addresses the need for last-mile delivery by employing only women, is targeting rapid expansion to 15 more c...

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Valeo aims to accelerate its contribution in the areas of shared and green mobility, connected and safe cars, even as its India operations emerge as a...

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In its sustained drive to win the Deming Prize, the five-decade-old TVS Group company has become the first Indian company to win the coveted award for...

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