Geely's rise from obscurity to the top
by Mike Duff, Autocar UK 15 Jul 2019

How the Chinese company has become one of the world’s biggest car makers.

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The next generation of car designers will need a fresh skill set. The Royal College of Art is already on the case

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Autocar Professional's second Smart Manufacturing Conclave, held in Chennai on June 28, saw incisive debate and discussion on how industry can  optimi...

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With PSA in India, suppliers have new global opportunity
by Kiran Bajad and Sumantra B Barooah  23 Jun 2019

Over 500 automotive component suppliers thronged the PSA Supplier Summit in Chennai. They stand a  chance to supply in India and globally if they clea...

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Citroen plots a scalable growth strategy for India
by Sumantra B Barooah and Kiran Bajad  22 Jun 2019

PSA Group takes a scalable manufacturing approach and a disruptive approach in sales and aftersales.

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Kronos, the American workforce management company, is targeting India Auto Inc through its software solutions that can enable automakers to have an ef...

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Henkel and RLE's mobility alliance will leverage each other's strengths in material science and engineering.

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BS VI: India Auto Inc makes mission possible ahead of deadline
by Ajit Dalvi & Mayank Dhingra  20 Jun 2019

Nearly 30 industry experts, comprising captains of industry from OEMs and suppliers, discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities of the emissi...

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Fast-developing technology will make button-less interfaces safer to use by providing physical feedback

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At the recent Continental Tech Day in New Delhi, German Tier 1 supplier displayed its range of active and passive safety systems, hybrid-electric driv...

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With mandatory regulations driving the need for active and passive safety systems in both two- and four-wheelers in India, technology and component su...

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Once set aside for only the most hardcore Lamborghinis and McLarens, the lightweight material is becoming more affordable and widely used.

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In its latest report, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the US-based charitable foundation, finds an improvement in overall safety in India's financial capita...

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Indian carmakers step up capabilities to make safer cars
by Sumantra, Mayank and Nilesh  08 Jun 2019

The government’s aggressive road safety drive, stringent and mandatory safety norms, and a far more safety conscious consumer are driving carmakers to...

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FCA-Renault merger: what's at stake?
by Ronan Glon, Autocar UK  31 May 2019

Renault and Fiat, two of the world’s oldest car manufacturers, are weighing the pros and cons of a full merger.

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With the rising popularity of electric two wheelers, three wheelers and cars, e-bike makers like GoZero Mobility are looking to make headway in the na...

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Tech talk: Why aluminium chassis makes good sense for EVs
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  27 May 2019

With EVs needing increasingly heavy batteries to provide longer ranges, lightweight construction has never been more important to car makers.

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TRUE initiative suggests how real world emission data can be used to frame policies to make cities emission free.

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Hyundai eyes top spot in India's compact SUV market
by Sumantra B Barooah & Shapur Kotwal  21 May 2019

The Korean carmaker is a late entrant into the burgeoning compact SUV segment but it is very bullish about its prospects. Here's finding out what is f...

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Deepak VS, founder of Tilt bikes, discusses the future prospects of shared mobility and its benefits in the congested urban setup.

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