UN raises red flag about EV batteries' green quotient
by Shirish Gandhi, Autocar India 06 Aug 2020

Extraction of lithium and other battery raw materials pose numerous challenges that need to be addressed.

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Electra EV sets goal to be a global player
by Sumantra B Barooah  05 Aug 2020


The low-profile EV solutions company first wants to establish itself in India as a supplier to more than just Tata Motors.

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As electric vehicle manufacturers look to provide enhanced range in their green machines, optimising battery management systems and enhancing life and...

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The intuitive new user experience software looks to redefine the in-cabin experience for Mercedes-Benz customers with a plethora of connectivity and ...

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From an integrated 5G network design to optimise end-to-end V2X connectivity, to the ACES megatrend and state-of-the-art security solutions for conne...

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Kia’s fuel-saving clutch-by-wire system, claimed to be a world first, is made possible by 48V mild-hybrid tech.

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Electric bike that thinks it's petrol-powered
by Rishabh Bhaskar, Autocar India  09 Jul 2020

The electric bike, Emula is said to recreate the exact engine, exhaust and mechanical sounds that a regular motorcycle would produce.

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It won’t be long before every new car other than a full hybrid, plug-in hybrid or EV will be equipped with a belt-integrated starter-generator (BISG).

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SEG Automotive believes that the consumer shift towards personal mobility as a result of social distancing makes the case for going electric even stro...

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The trade relationship between India and Germany goes back centuries. With organisations on both sides playing a key role in deepening the ties, India...

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Ten innovations that changed the dynamics of motoring
by James Disdale, Autocar UK  29 Jun 2020

We examine some wonders of modern motoring whose roots stretch back much further than you might think.

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As a way of judging performance, the power-to-weight ratio might not be the best option.

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Promoted: Innovative and sustainable packaging for the automotive indu...
by Ramesh Prasad, Founder & MD, Econovus Packaging  22 Jun 2020

Econovus Packaging Pvt Ltd is a packaging engineering company, which offers eco-friendly, cost-effective, heavy duty and high technological AAA materi...

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Top tips for riding in the monsoon
by Autocar India  20 Jun 2020

A handy guide on the essential care regimen for your bike during the monsoon.

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Eight autonomous robots can transport more than 2,000 parts per day outside the Spanish carmaker SEAT’s workshops, and they communicate with their sur...

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Tech Talk: New battery cooling tech set to improve EV usability
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  09 Jun 2020


Electric car battery packs heat up when charging, so innovative cooling systems are vital to improving usability.

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Japanese carmaker, which regards the protection of the global environment as one of its top priority concerns, is not only piloting new cleaner proces...

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Pune-based Noble Exchange is piloting a project for supply of bio-CNG generated from city waste for public transport buses as Pune works towards green...

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Ahamani EV Technology of Taiwan steps outside home market for the first time with a planned JV for manufacturing premium electric two-wheelers, lithiu...

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Software developer's MATLAB and Simulink enable automotive engineering organisations to accelerate vehicle development processes and to deliver vehicl...

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