Toyota Urban Cruiser: a value-added sensible buy
by Mayank Dhingra 06 Jun 2021

The sub-four-metre compact SUV is a practical choice for family buyers on the lookout for a city-friendly crossover.

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Anumita Roychowdhury of the New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment says stringent norms are the only way to further accelerate technologic...

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Less than a year in operation, Gurgaon-headquartered pre-owned luxury car company has clocked over Rs 25 crore worth of sales and also expanded from o...

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Paul retired a year ago as Senior VP, Manufacturing  but continued to be a consultant to Yamaha India where he began his career in the mid-1980s.

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From EV tours to selling electric bicycles online, Goa-based start-up aims to raise awareness about bicycles and drive a new dynamic.

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Bosch’s new 300-millimeter wafer fab is one of the world’s most modern chip factories

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Intense competition, a dynamic tech landscape, electrification & ADAS are seeing OEMs take to software & simulation to develop new products speedily, ...

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With several states in India in lockdown mode, infrastructure and road construction work has slowed down. This says, Sandeep Singh, MD, Tata-Hitachi C...

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Here are the 10 most frugal petrol cars on sale in India today, as rated by the Automotive Research Association of India.

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Top 10 fuel-efficient diesel cars in India in 2021
by Rivan RS, Autocar India  18 May 2021

As diesel prices breach past the Rs 90-a-litre mark, we get you a list of fuel-efficient cars that help you optimise the diesel consumption.

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Petro to electro: World-changing transition has begun
by A Roychowdhury, S Das, M Mohanty, S Srivastava  08 May 2021

The geopolitics of the world will shift from oil-producing countries to the rare earth and other critical mineral producing countries in the coming ye...

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How modeling and simulation help understand capacity fade
by Dr Vineet Dravid, MD, COMSOL Multiphysics  03 May 2021


Capacity loss in Li-ion batteries occurs when a battery starts to age with time and use, leading to unacceptable low performance. Modeling and simulat...

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Rahul Bajaj, one of the longest-serving chairmen in corporate India, recently stepped down. In an environment where businessmen prefer to be diplomati...

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Leading car manufacturers in India are accelerating the use of online buying solutions to enable purchases amid Covid-containing restrictions.

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New blower system could help manufacturers achieve Euro 7 NOx reductions of 90%

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Maruti Suzuki India’s former MD Jagdish Khattar, who passed away today, was a people’s man and an efficient leader who recognised the potential of rur...

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German speciality chemicals major is in talks with at least 20 companies which are setting up Compressed Biogas plants in India.

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Pune-based packaging engineering company facilitates reduction in carbon footprint for the automotive industry through clever and green packaging solu...

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US-headquartered Hexagon Group aims to disrupt the diesel-driven Indian commercial vehicle sector with its energy-agnostic solutions.

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Honda’s midsized motorcycle is looking to grab a share of Royal Enfield’s pie with a tried-and-tested retro flavour.

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