808bhp Lamborghini Sian roadster is world’s most powerful open-top production car 
by Felix Page, Autocar UK 08 Jul 2020

New drop-top's electrified 6.5-litre V12 is the most powerful powertrain fitted to an open-top production car

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Steve Carlisle, 58, who has been senior vice-president and president, Cadillac, since April 2018, to take charge from September 1. Barry Engle leaving...

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The Dr. Richard Group, the largest private bus operator in Austria, has begun tests of the Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen bus.

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Continental says the Intelligent Antenna Module combines a variety of radio applications such as 4G or 5G mobile communications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or k...

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The partners are also investigating the possibility to expand their blockchain technology cooperation to other areas, for example tracking and reducin...

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Sytse Zuidema had led NewMotion as CEO from 2015 until April 2020, and also helped the company's transition when it was acquired by Royal Dutch Shell ...

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The carmaker had 94 new ideas protected in 2019, more than twice as many as in 2017.

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New online platform offers customers access to personalised virtual viewings; introduced in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and is being expanded in...

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For this latest update, engineers have focused on elevating the sedan's levels of comfort, quiet and overall refinement to help balance a range of new...

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Hyundai Motor is shipping the first 10 units of the Xcient Fuel Cell to Switzerland; powered by the 190-kW hydrogen fuel cell system, the green truck ...

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The Rs 30 crore 007-themed limited edition features machine guns, smoke screens and revolving numberplates.

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Diesel-fuelled PHEVs on the cards as the firm explores new ways of making its powertrains cleaner.

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U.S. Army awards GM Defense $214 million contract to produce the Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) built on the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 platform.

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The reorganisation entails demerger of Domestic Wiring Harness (DWH) business from MSSL and subsequent merger of SAMIL into MSSL.

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Suzuki’s new Across is Toyota RAV4-based SUV
by Felix Page, Autocar UK  02 Jul 2020

New model from partnership between Japanese firms will be all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid SUV for European market.

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Land Rover revives Hard Top moniker for commercial version of the Defender, being developed by the Special Vehicle Operations division.

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Global leader in design and manufacture of natural sanitisation technologies supports AIR Alliance programme to address in-vehicle pollutants.

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This new sensor developed by Bosch helps to realistically depict vehicle movements by capturing vehicle movements even more precisely and reliably.

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Bridgestone’s Tyre Damage Monitoring System delivers real-time awareness of damage. It uses Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) cloud framewor...

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As per the agreement, Total Lubrifiants will become the official sponsor and industrial partner of Energica.

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