Renault treads cautiously in India, takes ‘step-by-step’ approach
by Sumantra B Barooah 07 May 2021

‘Renaulution’ business revival strategy has French major see strong potential in India but is cautious of potential risks. It is also studying the plan to “renew” its flagship...

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REE will leverage AAM’s system integration capabilities and focus on NVH reduction to incorporate AAM’s lightweight and efficient next-generation elec...

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While the Vektorr Concept e-scooter has a top speed of 45kph and a range of up to 95km, the E-Pilen develops 8 kW and delivers a range of 100km

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Having recently resigned as the VP of Design at Tata Motors, Bose is likely to write the next chapter of his automotive career at Mahindra.

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The company says its patented technology can support a wide range of power and torque outputs, with voltage ranging from 48V to 800V.

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These two key ASEAN markets have unveiled ambitious plans to ride the EV megatrend.  

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High overall efficiency of 95%, previously only achieved by Formula E racing cars; wear-free thanks to inductive power transmission

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The telematics unit with a high-performance computer, enabling the mapping of a large number of additional functions and different applications.

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Vueron executed a 414-kilometre, fully automated, LiDAR-only drive from the capital city of Seoul to the southern port city of Busan, at a maximum spe...

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The 37-seat Praetorian coach (prices starting from Rs 1.18 crore) is designed to transport personnel and equipment safely across the world's harshest ...

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Blue Gasoline contains up to 33% percent renewables, ensuring a well-to-wheel reduction in carbon emissions of at least 20 percent per kilometre drive...

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Futuristic roadster, designed by students, draws from Suzuki’s heritage as a maker of both cars and bikes.

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FEV says its hydrogen IC engine – a robust, cost-efficient option for zero CO2 transport – can be implemented into the current production infrastructu...

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New JV will develop, produce and commercialise fuel-cell systems for both long-haul trucking and other applications.

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Bosch Hydrogen Powertrain Systems (Chongqing) Co to provide all Chinese vehicle manufacturers with fuel cell system.

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Head of Design for Tata Motors European Technical Centre elevated to design chief; Pratap Bose quits to pursue opportunities outside the company

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Solaris has offered to provide InterUrbino and Urbino 12 LE buses.

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The CVSAe suspension senses and continually adapts to a dynamic operating environment via four electronically controlled dampers

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Valeo says tests have confirmed the UV purifier has the ability to eliminate viruses with 95% efficiency in a single airflow cycle.

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Chinese-built, self-driving electric car features advanced filtration system that removes pollution as it drives.

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