Mercedes-Benz Vans showcases Vision Urbanetic at CES 2019
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 11 Jan 2019

The autonomous electric concept vehicle can transport people as well as goods efficiently.

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Volvo Cars receives licenses to the 2G, 3G, and 4G essential patents of the 36 patent owners that participate in the Avanci marketplace.

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​AWS claims that the project has used over 1,150 compute cores to run detailed simulations comprising of over 550 million data points that model the i...

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​AWS claims that the project has used over 1,150 compute cores to run detailed simulations comprising of over 550 million data points that model the i...

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Tech talk: All you need to know about high pressur...
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK 03 Dec 2019

Particulates are the bane of direct fuel injection engines, but ramping up the pressure and other innovations can solve this.

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Japanese carmaker plans to introduce new production methods at its plants worldwide to build electrified, intelligent and connected cars and also make...

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​ISRO has transferred its indigenous technology to produce space-grade Li-Ion cells to BHEL. The cells would be produced in a facility near Bangalore ...

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Seedland, a real estate firm in China, has developed and started operations for a self-driving vehicle called the Hachi Auto in China. It is said to b...

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VST Mobility has selected HERE technology as its mapping and location service provider. HERE will power VST’s advanced vehicle tracking unit, Eclipse

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Giving ICE vehicles the electric charge
by Nilesh Wadhwa 21 Nov 2019

Hyderabad-based eTrio is helping transform internal combustion-engined vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to small CVs, by retrofitting them with a...

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Ricardo played a crucial role in the development of JCB’s Fastrac tractor, which powered to a new Guinness World speed record.

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Bangalore-based Tech.powersquare aims to be a one-stop shop for product development from concept to mass production helping drive innovation into prod...

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Veoneer joins leading OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and semiconductor companies to accelerate the delivery of safe and affordable autonomous vehicles.

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Alongside other 5GAA partners, FCA displays new technology that harnesses the potential of 5G including Forward Collision Warning, Urban Geo-reference...

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The British machine will now focus on development and fund-raising ahead of land speed record bid in 2020 or 2021.

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Tech Talk: Water injection can boost engine effici...
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK 19 Nov 2019

Cooling down your motor with water injections increases power and combustion efficiency, as well as minimising harmful oxides

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New tech achieves ‘nearly silent’ cabin environment in engine-free fuel cell electric and electric models by emitting soundwaves inverted to incoming ...

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Veoneer confirms that the latest production of the autonomous vehicles for a global automaker for 2021 will include FLIR’s thermal sensors. It is clai...

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Tech Talk: Aluminium matrix composite – the weight...
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK 04 Nov 2019

The aluminium alloy and carbonfibre blends will be coming soon to a powertrain near you, taking over from traditional materials like steel, aluminium ...

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​Goodyear has equipped Priva’s fleet of vehicles with intelligent tyres, which contain sensors to capture tyre data. The sensors allow Goodyear to gat...

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Hyundai Mobis and Velodyne Lidar will collaborate on new lidar system supply by integrating Velodyne’s latest lidar sensors with Hyundai Mobis’s cogni...

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