How MathWorks is driving innovation using effective data solution methodology
by Sricharan R 03 Dec 2020

By enabling electric scooter maker Ather Energy to directly model its vehicle dynamics and mechanical components using its Simulink solution, US-based MathWorks is constantly ...

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Electric version of popular compact SUV sees growing consumer acceptance

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BMS, to be designed, developed and manufactured by Singapore-based Orient Technology, will incorporate elements of the advanced battery management and...

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Industry Developing & Innovation Award recognises PowerPack 48 Volt and Dual Voltage BMS as key enablers for CO2 savings in mild hybrids

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E-GMP-based BEVs get over 500km range; can be charged up to 80% within 18 minutes through high-speed charging; high-performance model will do 0-100kph...

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The company says the cargo electric vehicle range is now available on ‘E-Lease’, a special leasing plan by Etrio, where customers can now opt for easy...

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Global supply agreement focuses on GM’s Hydrotec fuel cell system for Nikola’s Class 7/8 trucks.

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Gen3 marks a new era of performance and efficiency benefits including more powerful, lighter cars, faster charging and cost controls.

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Jose Pinheiro, VP – Manufacturing for General Motors Latin America, has over 45 years of leadership experience; will be critical in building Ola’s ent...

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New platform allows for an extra (third) hydrogen fuel tank to be added, contributing to a 30 percent increase in the car’s driving range to around 40...

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The electric CV maker says it launched its first product ‘Rhino 5536’ in August 2019 which immediately garnered eyeballs, and now plans to soon launch...

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German firm is working on 'MEB-Lite' platform that will be used for a supermini and compact crossover with smaller batteries and lower price

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Last of the Ather 450 electric scooters being delivered in Bangalore and Chennai

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As per the understanding, the triumvirate will run an electric bus (e-bus) pilot to support sustainable in-campus commuting by IIT-Maras students and ...

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Manufacturers accused of forsaking “simple but effective” technology to reduce emissions of hybrids.

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Under the initiative Magenta is targeting to increase its EV charging support network across 300 districts in India.

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Start of production is targeted for the first half of 2021.

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The public charger will be available 24x7 for customers and comes with CCS/CHAdeMO fast-charging standards.

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The company claims it has achieved 99 percent localisation as part of its endeavour towards the Make in India vision.

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New production process could allow for cheaper Model 3 relative to be offered, as Elon Musk goes on the record to say it "makes sense"

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Will conduct test testing and development of e-axles and e-drive units for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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