EV sales in India down 19% in FY2021 but demand grows for electric cars
by Ajit Dalvi 22 Apr 2021

While e-PVs saw 110% growth in a difficult year, the off-take for e-two- and three-wheelers is down, indicating the need for more affordably priced models.

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Tata Nexon EV sells 3,805 units, accounts for the bulk of electric passenger vehicle sales in India.

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While automobiles are a key contributor to global emission, experts say the solution is in linking it to the economic agenda and creating a cohesive i...

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The fast-charging network will enable Ola e-scooter to be charged 50% in just 18 minutes, which will translate to around 75km range.

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The first SUV based on the modular electric drive kit (MEB) receives the most votes from 93 international jurors; VW a top WCOTY winner for the fifth ...

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C4V says the batteries manufacturing plant would start supplies from second half of current year. The location for manufacturing would be announced so...

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Centre for Energy Finance’s (CEEW-CEF) dashboard indicates that electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales accounted for nearly 96 percent of total ...

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The new BEV platform will spawn a series of all-electric, series production models from 2022.

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Solid-state batteries do away with the flammable liquid electrolyte, which is the main fire hazard in traditional batteries.

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The Treo Zor comes in 3 variants – Pickup, Delivery Van and Flat Bed – and is seeing demand from a number of last-mile delivery operators

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The new Toyota bZ4X Concept has been jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru; sales of the production version expected to commence around the middle of...

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Hero Electric boss says a primary reason is that the replacement value of electric two-wheelers is not easy to calculate

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New facility in Tennessee to increase GM's ability to lead production of batteries at scale; Ultium battery tech is at the heart of GM's EV strategy

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As part of the understanding, cKers has set-up an initial line of Rs 3 crore for Altigreen. This facility will be used by Altigreen for working capita...

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The partners aim to deploy 1,000 Touro, electric three-wheelers for last-mile delivery operations.

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Premium electric scooter sees growing demand from Pune and Bangalore; Bajaj Auto to re-open bookings as well as enter new cities in the next quarter.

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The iPhone maker is eyeing a deal with LG Magna e-Powertrain for the production of its first electric vehicle, says report

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Luxury electric sedan features radical new Hyperscreen and has a 770km range; India launch slated to take place by early next year.

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The partners focus on working with companies involved in last-mile delivery operations across India to switch from petrol-powered two-wheeler to elect...

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Anjali Singh has a long-term goal to make Anand Group more diverse and tapping on opportunities in the EV front.

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InMotion Ventures invests in sustainable technology firm Battery Resourcers; closed-loop process integrates recycling of lithium-ion battery materials...

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