Ather unveils Series 1 collector's edition
by Firoze Irani, Autocar India 26 Sep 2020

The Ather Series 1 features near-transparent side panels through which the aluminium trellis frame can be seen.

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Most powerful version of Ford's first EV beats the Jaguar I-Pace and Polestar 2 from 0-62mph.

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Facility can conduct performance and electrical tests, as well as tests on environmental and mechanical impacts and abuse tests for battery cells, mod...

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The company says this facility will be the focal point and development centre for its software and vehicle electronics, including both in-car and Fisk...

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The average cost of a Li-ion battery has already fallen 82% from 2012-2020. Further reductions are a key factor to increasing the competitiveness and ...

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New ID 4 SUV is Volkswagen's first global EV
by James Attwood, Autocar UK 23 Sep 2020

MEB-based model arrives with a variety of powertrains offering up to 530 kilometres of range

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Pioneering firm says radical battery developments will allow sub-Rs 18.5 lakh electric car - but not until 2023

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Nearly 97 percent of total electric vehicle volumes in India comprise of two-wheelers. NITI Aayog says India must leverage its market strength to take...

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For the US, which wants to boost domestic production of lithium and reduce its heavy reliance on imports, the Arkansas LiSTR Direct Lithium Extraction...

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Formula E has followed three key steps to achieve a net zero carbon footprint: effective measurement of carbon output, prioritising reducing its footp...

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Incentive scheme of a subsidy of Rs 12,000 on electric two-wheelers, and Rs 48,000 on e-rickshaws.

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The government will focus primarily on setting up a large number of slow-charging stations (3.3kW each) and limited number of DC-001 fast chargers (15...

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The e-mobility solutions start-up aims to roll out 1,000 EV corporate transportation fleet in Kolkata and create 3,000 jobs in the city.

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The plan for seven dedicated EVs expands on Kia’s previously announced Plan S strategy, which will result in it having 11 EVs on sale within the next ...

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Pure EV says this move is part of its larger plan to expand to other international markets next year with a focus on South Asia, South-East Asia and E...

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BMW has started production for fifth-generation high-voltage batteries that will be used in the full-electric BMW iX3.

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Ashok Leyland has been constantly investing in the research and development of EV over the years.

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Charting the EV market potential on World EV Day
by Team Autocar Professional 09 Sep 2020

Though most of the experts were unanimous in expecting a 10 percent plus EV conversion over 4-5 years, there are concerns still about development of a...

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Gupta believes that the life of the EV battery plays a big role in the connected vehicle ecosystem, the challenge is not the cost of the battery, but ...

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Palmer believes that, we should not legislate EVs but adopt a Darwinism approach and enjoy the best of all. 

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