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Indonesia and Thailand bet big on vehicle ele...

05 May 2021
These two key ASEAN markets have unveiled ambitious plans to ride the EV megatrend.  

Mahle develops magnet-free electric motor 

05 May 2021
High overall efficiency of 95%, previously only achieved by Formula E racing cars; wear-free thanks to inductive po...

Covid resurgence delays Steelbird’s new plant

05 May 2021
The company is churning out merely 20,000-22,000 filters down from 40,000 units earlier as demand gets impacted as ...




How modeling and simulation help understand capaci...

03 May 2021

Capacity loss in Li-ion batteries occurs when a battery starts to age with time and use, leading to unacceptable low performance. Modeling and simulat...

Rahul Bajaj remains in a league of his own

03 May 2021

Rahul Bajaj, one of the longest-serving chairmen in corporate India, recently stepped down. In an environment where businessmen prefer to be diplomati...


Two-wheeler sales slide in April as second wave of...

05 May 2021

With lockdown in many states and factory shutdowns across the two-wheeler ecosystem, industry is preparing for a wa...

CV OEMs bear brunt of Covid resurgence, April sale...

02 May 2021

Both Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland sees sharp month-on-month sales declines.


Road to Sustainability with ‘Green Tyres’

09 Apr 2021

Silica has eco-friendly properties which can help reduce CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption, thereby control...

Energy harmony in new-age mobility

30 Mar 2021

The fast-evolving e-mobility ecosystem is expanding due to the trident of techno-economic drivers, regulators and s...


Will demand return to India’s commercial vehicle industry in next six months?

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