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V Krishnamurthy, Maruti 's founder Chairman, ...

26 Jun 2022
He was respected across industry circles for his acumen and this was borne out in the track record of the companies...

EV safety in the spotlight again

25 Jun 2022
The BIS has come up with new standards for Lithium-Ion battery packs and is working on two more standards related t...

Schaeffler develops 4-in-1 electric axle

25 Jun 2022
Integrates thermal management system as well as the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission into the ax...




The curious case of chip crisis and potential over...

23 Jun 2022

Phil Amsrud, senior principal automotive analyst at S&P Global Mobility points out that the situation has definitely improved, but that is not to impl...

OEMs steer clear of new plants

21 Jun 2022

The domestic market slowdown, the drive towards electric and the costs factor now means new ICE plants are not always an option.


PV sales in May remain flat

10 Jun 2022

UV sales in the month dipped 8 percent as compared to the April 2022 numbers, said SIAM

May sales cause of cheer but still short of pre-Co...

06 Jun 2022

Supply chain constraints and geopolitical instability will cast a shadow on availability whereas rising inflation a...


Labour unrest ahead

15 Jun 2022

With Ford India's Chennai plant set to shut shop, workers have been left in the lurch

What’s happening with the environmental impact of ...

05 Jun 2022

Environmental impact of e-cars: Are they - environmentally friendly or not? There are many arguments in favour of e...


Was Ford right in dropping its India EV plan?

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