BMW to bring 25 electric models by 2023
by James Attwood, Autocar UK 26 Jun 2019

The firm aims to bring 25 electrified vehicles to market in the next four years.

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Development boss Klaus Frohlich says there are no technical restrictions to producing electrified vehicles – just a shortage of customer demand

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Solar-electric hybrid, set for production in 2021, will offer extended range through lightweight construction and innovative powertrain

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Ford reveals new hybrid compact SUV Puma
by Hilton Holloway, Autocar UK 26 Jun 2019

Cleverly packaged crossover will offer 48V mild-hybrid tech and executive-grade features.

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Volkswagen to offer Zoomcar customised financial, maintenance and repair services (4EVER Care). Polo first model under Zoomcar’s ZAP Subscribe across ...

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The hardcore Compass Trailhawk costs about Rs 3.7 lakh more than the top-spec Compass Limited Plus 4x4; it is the first Compass to get a diesel-automa...

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Powered by SoundHound’s Houndify voice AI platform, the Hyundai Venue SUV enables drivers to speak queries and control various aspects of the car simp...

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Toyota's decision to bring forward the plan from 2025 to 2020 was based on its conclusion that the company must further accelerate the full utilizatio...

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German carmaker will assemble passenger cars in Egypt in cooperation with a local partner.

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With PSA in India, suppliers have new global oppor...
by Kiran Bajad and Sumantra B Barooah 23 Jun 2019

Over 500 automotive component suppliers thronged the PSA Supplier Summit in Chennai. They stand a  chance to supply in India and globally if they clea...

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Citroen plots a scalable growth strategy for India
by Sumantra B Barooah and Kiran Bajad 22 Jun 2019

PSA Group takes a scalable manufacturing approach and a disruptive approach in sales and aftersales.

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With passenger vehicle market leader Maruti Suzuki’s sales down 25 percent in May 2019, its regulars in the Top 10 list see their volumes drop sharply...

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With demand for longstanding UV leader Maruti Vitara Brezza dropping sharply, Hyundai SUVs make gains. Second-generation Maruti Ertiga jumps to second...

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Hybrid 911 and Taycan signal big changes for Porsche's mainstream line-up, but track-focused specials will stay focused on combustion

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Chinese EV makers begins supplying its second model to buyers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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The Kia Seltos has a range of technology features that maximise connectivity and safety, a roomy interior that seats five people in comfort, and high ...

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After Maruti, Renault India could exit diesel segm...
by Mayank Dhingra & Sumantra B Barooah 19 Jun 2019

In-line with the global trend of markets moving away from diesel, Renault will increasingly focus on petrol and electrified solutions.

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Laurens van den Acker, executive vice-president, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault, on the standout features of the new made-for-India Triber seven-sea...

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Laurens van den Acker, executive vice-president, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault, on the standout features of the new made-for-India Triber seven-sea...

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Renault says the Triber has been conceived, developed and produced in India, for Indian customers.

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The new Skoda Rapid, introduced in late 2016, which is also the company's best seller in the Indian market. 

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