Resilient Supply Chains: Driving Automotive Industry Growth through Sustainable Practices and Risk Management

autherAutocar Pro News Desk     calendar25 May 2023

As OEMs recognise the necessity for innovation, the responsibility to develop new technologies permeates throughout the entire automotive supply chain.


India's electric vehicle industry: Driving towards a sustainable future

By Mathew Thomas calendar16 May 2023

Mathew Thomas, Country Manager and Managing Director Siemens Digital Industries Software India talks about how digital...

The LNG Path to zero emissions

By Anand Mimani calendar21 Apr 2023

Anand Mimani, CEO of GreenLine Logistics argues his case for LNG-powered trucks.

AI as a driver of sustainability and economics for swappable battery players

By Yogesh Umbarkar, Vice-President, calendar24 Jan 2023

Artificial intelligence-powered BMS can provide more accurate prediction of the remaining useful life and also detect ...

Expect the unexpected

By Chandan B Mallik calendar15 Oct 2022

The price band of Rs 60k to Rs 90k seems to be emerging as a sweet spot for punters in the market for electric vehicle...

Better safe than sorry

By Chandan B Mallik calendar17 Sep 2022

While active and passive safety systems vary in cars depending mostly on price points one cannot deny the fact that wi...

The EV Safety Conundrum

By Aravind Subramanian & Subhabrata Sengupta calendar12 Sep 2022

Aravind Subramanian, Consultant, Avalon Consulting & Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director, Avalon Consulting addres...


By Murali Gopalan calendar31 Aug 2022

Time to Rethink ‘Safety’ for CVs and Industries At Large

By Shridhar Gupta, Co-Founder LocoNav calendar26 Aug 2022

While essentials such as seat belts, speed limits, and road/lane/traffic discipline have been implemented for commerci...


By Murali Gopalan calendar15 Aug 2022

The Licence Raj which prevailed for decades effectively ensured that contemporary world class products never reached ...