In unity lies strength

autherAutocar Pro News Desk     calendar01 Jul 2022

The world automobile market is changing so rapidly that it just makes sense for manufacturers to collaborate rather than fight it out alone.

Labour unrest ahead

By Murali Gopalan calendar15 Jun 2022

With Ford India's Chennai plant set to shut shop, workers have been left in the lurch

What’s happening with the environmental impact of e-cars?

By Martin Säwe, Head of Electromobility, Lanxess calendar05 Jun 2022

Environmental impact of e-cars: Are they - environmentally friendly or not? There are many arguments in favour of e-ca...

Amby poised for comeback 

By Murali Gopalan calendar01 Jun 2022

The CK Birla-owned Hindustan Motors had stopped producing this model eight years ago when it became amply clear that t...

Ford finally bids adieu

By Murali Gopalan calendar14 May 2022

The company has gone back on its intent to manufacture electric vehicles in India for overseas markets as part of the ...

Testing times for electric 2-wheelers

By Murali Gopalan calendar02 May 2022

Censoring hateful tweets is sometimes mandatory whether one likes it or not and Musk will have his task cut out in nav...

How China's zero-Covid policy is affecting car makers

By Nick Gibbs, Autocar UK calendar21 Apr 2022

With Shanghai in the grip of a Covid spike, car manufacturers are braced for more production issues.

Understanding the challenge of cybersecurity management

By Dr Madhusudan Joshi, ICAT Manesar calendar17 Apr 2022

Cybersecurity framework is an ensemble of processes, best practices, guidelines and tools followed to protect digital ...

Fuel prices, rising anger

By Murali Gopalan calendar14 Apr 2022

The bigger problem this time though is that when fuel prices remained unchanged during the elections, oil companies we...

What simulation can do to extend the range of EVs

By Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK calendar04 Apr 2022

The thermal state of EV batteries can be tested in real time by the virtue of Driver-in-loop and hardware-in-loop simu...