Raghavender Sahdev: 'We are keen on India as a production hub'
by Nilesh Wadhwa 25 May 2022

Speaking about the recent partnership with EKA, Raghavender Sahadev, CEO and co-founder, NuPort Robotics, says the company aims to have a commercially viable deployment of aut...

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David Krajicek, CEO, Jato Dynamics speaks about the Indian consumer’s unique interplay between two- and four-wheelers and how global trends are manife...

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As far as India is concerned, we believe that our device is far more suited as an off-grid energy storage device that provides access to power in a mo...

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Ba, Malkit Singh, Chairman — Core Committee, AIMTC says fuel price hike will affect small transporters most of whom are owner-drivers and entrepreneur...

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ContiTech’s vision is to develop much faster, based on customer requirements and also explore the use of different materials.

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The founder and CEO of StoreDot, the Israel-based extreme fast-charging battery company, speaks about partnering with Ola, India as a manufacturing ba...

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ChargeGrid will set up charging stations for EVET and is largely powered by them.

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Saket Sapra, MD, Dana TM4 India and head of Electrification, India and Southeast Asia, Dana speaks to Autocar Professional, and shares his views on th...

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EVR is also looking at establishing a facility in India not just for marketing but also to support development and manufacturing of volume parts.

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Ramkripa Ananthan’s Krux Studio creates micro EV concept vehicle that uses 20 percent upcycled parts and is aimed at last mile connectivity.

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ATS works right from simulation, component testing, through to prototype, end-of-line testing and offer expertise in niche areas such as passive safet...

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Siddharth Singh, one of the lead authors of IEA's India Energy Outlook, says scale and policies can help tilt the balance in favour of faster EV adopt...

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As the British automotive industry moves ahead with its initiatives to decarbonise road transport, the Chief Executive of the UK’s Society of Motor Ma...

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Mercedes-Benz India’s MD and CEO Martin Schwenk says an increased level of consumer interest towards sustainable driving and EVs will see it accelerat...

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Hero Electric's MD on why increasingly Environmental, Social and Governance factors reflect a company’s ethos and its efforts at sustainability.

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Hyundai Motor Inia's MD says suppliers will be nurtured to supply electric vehicle parts to global operations.

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Tarun Garg, Director for Sales, Service and Marketing, Hyundai Motor India on the carmaker's EV roadmap and localisation plans.

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Dr Tuchlenski and his team are playing an important role to make future mobility even more sustainable.

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As the Volkswagen Group targets emerging markets, Skoda has been given full technical control of the Group’s entry-level MQB-A0 platform — the first t...

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