Rajendra Petkar: 'Hydrogen as a fuel is important for sustainability and carbon neutr...
by Sumantra B Barooah 24 Sep 2021

Tata Motors is investing in various Hydrogen technologies mainly for adoption by its commercial vehicles.

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Yamaha Chairman says the PLI scheme will prove to be beneficial for the auto industry by bringing down the cost of production but also controlling the...

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Switch Mobility’s Vice-Chairman  and CEO on its drive to be a leading global electric CV player with the greenest quotient.

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A number of automakers are using MathWorks’ MATLAB and Simulink in their R&D and product development programmes to benefit from cutting-edge tech and ...

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Testing has come of age in India with NATRAX’s world-class 2,900-acre proving ground in Pithampur, which has 14 test tracks including an 11.3km-long h...

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Maharashtra’s EV Policy has been jointly developed by three departments — Industries, Environment and Transport — and looks to maximise EV adoption.

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Kinetic Green's co-founder and CEO on the future prospects of electrification in India.

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Maruti Suzuki’s Chairman reiterates that economic reforms were the best thing that happened to India Auto Inc but there are still crucial gaps that ne...

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Karnataka-based Toutche Electric aims to have over 200 dealers in place by the time it launches its connected e-bikes in 2022.

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Ola’s foray into electric two-wheelers has created a lot of buzz but can the brand re-create the success it found in the cab-aggregator space?

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Schwenk is hopeful of a good recovery in the second half of 2021, details the 15-model assault and exploring potential for a CKD electric car for Indi...

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The Chairman of Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies tells the hybrid scooter is Yamaha’s first step towards entering the electric vehicle market in ...

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Jindal Alumnium's Senior VP, Extrusion Operations on how aluminium can help drive sustainability and energy efficiency, developing new alloys with new...

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Tata Power is aggressively expanding its EV charging network. Sandeep Bangia, Head — EV, HA & ESCO Business, details the strategic plan to facilitate ...

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The pandemic has brought back the focus on the need for effective, sustainable and affordable personal mobility. An exclusive interview with Hero Cycl...

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SKF India’s Managing Director on the impact of Covid-19, key learnings like disciplined cost control and building supply chain resiliency, setting up...

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Diesel has hit an all-time high in India and costs Rs 90.40 a litre in Mumbai, up by Rs 25.21 a litre in 14.5 months. The Chairman – Core Committee an...

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Transparency, data analytics and an open mindset are must-haves for India to make the switch to smart manufacturing.

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Econovus Packaging is working with manufacturers and suppliers to enable up to 93 percent reduction in their carbon footprint in the overall packaging...

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First-ever virtual ACMA Automechanika opens next week.

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