FPT Industrial and Landi Renzo Group to partner on clean fuel projects
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 May 2021

The partners will explore potential collaborations on developing complete, efficient and fully sustainable mobility solutions.

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While Marelli will supply e-motors and inverters including software, PUNCH will contribute gearbox components and development as well as manufacturing...

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Latest-gen air disc brakes selected by Schuster Co of the US for performance, reliability and maintenance advantages

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The Tier I supplier caters to the needs of TVS Motor, Bosch, Valeo and many others

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Axial flux technology electric motors are designed to efficiently deliver high torque, high power and high efficiency at low voltage and low rpm

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High overall efficiency of 95%, previously only achieved by Formula E racing cars; wear-free thanks to inductive power transmission

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The company is churning out merely 20,000-22,000 filters down from 40,000 units earlier as demand gets impacted as a result of the resurgence of Covid...

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The telematics unit with a high-performance computer, enabling the mapping of a large number of additional functions and different applications.

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The Tier 1 components major had paused its capacity expansion, greenfield site and engineering investments in the wake of the Covid pandemic last year...

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Indian Tier 1 giant aquires majority stake in Turkey’s Plast Met Group through SMR subsidiary.

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German Tier 1 supplier expects substantial fossil-fuel propulsion continuing into the next decade and has readied future-ready emission-containing tec...

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FEV says its hydrogen IC engine – a robust, cost-efficient option for zero CO2 transport – can be implemented into the current production infrastructu...

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Anjali Pandey, VP (Engine Business and Components Business), Cummins India, urges emission roadmap clarity.

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Greaves Cotton's CTO feels depending on foreign technologies is a major impediment for India Auto Inc.

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Schaeffler India's CTO believes a more prudent roadmap would have helped industry in better accessing technologies and reduce costs.

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Kaniappan believes ACMA’s role in creating capabilities for the evolving the required ecosystem is important.

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The CVSAe suspension senses and continually adapts to a dynamic operating environment via four electronically controlled dampers

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Lumax DK Jain Group’s Vineet Sahni says if the resurgence of Covid infections does not come under control, the Tier 1 supplier will resort to day-to-d...

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Will collaborate to produce devices that can disconnect up to 1000-volt power source in milliseconds, before dangerous arcing can occur.

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Bags orders for key components in the field of 48-volt mild hybridisation from leading automobile manufacturers.

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Leading aftermarket B2B trade fair aims to connect buyers and sellers online; global and Indian suppliers showcase latest tech and products

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