Cummins launches retrofit device in collaboration with PI Green 
by Shahkar Abidi 16 Aug 2022

The RECD is built on filter-less technology and based on electrostatic precipitation fundamentals. It is highly efficient in improving air quality and capturing particulate ma...

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The company said its M&HCV and PV business fell in Q1

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Both Exide and Amara Raja are investing in capacity expansion and infrastructure

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Purem Aapico Co will manufacture and supply exhaust emission control systems and components for commercial vehicles and passenger cars in Thailand and...

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iDM to power a second Hyundai A-segment electric vehicle, with production starting in 2024; second iDM business award with HMC in less than 2 years

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Rising demand for EVs has led GKN Automotive to increase the range and volume of its products to its existing customers as well as target newer player...

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The company saw robust demand in the aftermarket from both two and four-wheelers.

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Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium  established by global manufacturers aim to accelerate the electrification of various light vehicles

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Around 350,000 EVs to be equipped with thermal management systems from Norma; line systems ensure optimal thermal management of the battery packs.

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The company has introduced a 5-star-rated passenger vehicle tyre for electric SUVs, as well as tubeless radial for electric two-wheelers.

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One of the new orders involves differential housing cases.

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Ola Electric will begin mass production for lithium ion-cells by 2023

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Sales of $848 million are up 42% in Q2 FY2022, its 13th consecutive quarter of growth-over-market; 27 new products launched in first-half.

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Shandong BRGP Friction Technology slated to start operations in early 2023 in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province in Eastern China

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About 77 percent of its revenues in fiscal 2021 came from passenger cars.

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Shift to e-mobility a big growth opportunity for component industry; CAGR of around 76% to Rs 72,500 crore in FY2027 from FY2022’s Rs 4,300 crore.

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The system reduces wiring harness by 90%, allowing for more flexibility, efficiency, reliability and reduced costs in electric vehicles.

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New chip development centres under construction in Reutlingen and Dresden; Bosch looks to make chips smaller, smarter, and also cheaper to produce.

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Brakes India outlines de-risking plan
by Sricharan R 22 Jul 2022

The component maker has put in place a comprehensive de-risk strategy which includes new locations and a portfolio of adjacent products.

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Tata AutoComp GY Batteries, already an OEM partner to Tata Motors, extends partnership to the aftermarket.

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Leading Indian and global Tier 1 supplier with 72 manufacturing plants looks to strengthen brand identity and also reflect its focus on innovation, fu...

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