Industry 4.0: Incremental technology shifting the auto consumers online

autherAutocar Pro News Desk     calendar09 Nov 2021

A study by Gfk illustrated the latest trends that dominate the marketing activities in the automotive industry.

Doorstep diesel delivery to redefine India’s energy landscape

By Rajiv Mathur, Managing Director, The Fuel Delivery calendar27 Sep 2021

Doorstep delivery of diesel via online mode allows access to fuel at a convenient location, reduces transportation cos...

Revamping manufacturing through business applications

By Lax Gopisetty, VP, Global Practice Head, Infosys calendar17 Sep 2021

Pandemic-driven global disruption gives rise to Manufacturing 4.0 where the Cloud, IoT and new tech are compelling ind...

Role of e-Mobility in the journey of the auto industry to net zero

By Darshak Parikh & Suraj Shetty, IHS Markit calendar15 Sep 2021

In this article, Darshak Parikh, Senior Research Analyst – E-Mobility and Suraj Shetty, Principal Research Analyst – T...

What needs to change to diversify the global supply chain, largely concentrated in China?

By Sabrina Zhang & Dr. Christine Chow, IHS Markit calendar14 Sep 2021

Why is the global automotive supply chain largely concentrated in China? China's s Li-ion battery production accounts ...

Automotive industry zooming into space

By Dr Chaitanya Giri calendar13 Sep 2021

The automotive industry’s R&D expertise is of vital interest to the fast-commercialising global space economy. And it ...

Tech that can alleviate EV range anxiety

By Sachin Tyagi, TomTom calendar03 Sep 2021

Technology that provides accurate range calculation will help range anxiety amongst early users.

India's role in global automotive electrification

By Darshak Parikh & R Balasubramanian, IHS Markit calendar07 Jun 2021

Exploring India’s growing electric vehicle (EV) industry and how the country’s supplier and component community can ta...

E-biking a viable commuting option for urban elites in India

By Ankit Kumar, CEO, GoZero Mobility calendar03 Jun 2021

Employers in India have begun to notice of the benefits of e-bikes and have started taking the initiative of providing...

The time has come for bicycles to claim their place in the sun

By I K Rohit, Co-Founder & CEO, calendar02 Jun 2021

India is at the cusp of a bicycle and electric bicycle revolution, as new-age consumers rediscover the joy of riding t...