2022: The great unknown
by Murali Gopalan 10 Jan 2022

As the world braces itself for the new Omicron threat, there are other issues that will continue to bother                the automotive industry. Beyond the chip shortage, ge...

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The business model for last-mile delivery will change from ownership to ridership

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IIM-A starts course on mental wellbeing
by Shahkar Abidi  08 Jan 2022

It is for the first time that a complete well-rounded course has been curated by IIM-A.

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OEMS must focus on mental wellbeing
by Shahkar Abidi  07 Jan 2022

Volatility in the auto sector during the pandemic has led to employee stress and concerns about mental wellbeing

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The Aerox 155 could be the beginning of more things to come in premium scooters as the Japanese two-wheeler continues to consolidate its presence in ...

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Net zero: Strategy to save Planet Earth
by Sumana Sarkar  03 Jan 2022

Net zero is no doubt the hottest topic on earth. India’s zero emission target by 2070 is seen to be bold, ambitious and challenging. Environment exper...

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For Venkatram Mamillapalle, Country CEO and Managing Director of Renault India Operations, the top priority in these difficult times is to take care o...

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Andy Palmer, Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of Switch Mobility, is a keen proponent of electric vehicles but maintains that it is not the sole sol...

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TVS Group company inks pact with 24M Technologies to produce EV batteries using cutting-edge ‘SemiSolid’ electrode technology and a li...

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Coimbatore-based Suba Plastics, which manufactures plastic mouldings, diversifies into other industries to de-risk itself from a further downturn in t...

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Employees are the pivot of the recreational facility at the Akurdi office, a  unique concept in wellness where the intent is to keep them happy and co...

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Times may be tough but TVS Motor Co’s dynamic chairman, Venu Srinivasan, has had a remarkably successful year. And for this he wins Autocar Profession...

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The Tata Group is literally firing on all cylinders. Chairman N Chandra’s ‘One Tata Strategy’ played a crucial role in bringing about group synergies.

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Newsmaker of 2021: Bhavish Aggarwal
by Nilesh Wadhwa  26 Dec 2021


From the mega factory in Tamil Nadu to the claimed crores worth of orders, Ola Electric’s boss has to walk the big talk.

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The MD of Skoda Auto Volkswagen India decided to resign at a critical juncture of India 2.0

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Newsmaker of 2021: Vinod Dasari
by Murali Gopalan  26 Dec 2021

Vinod Dasari stepped down as Royal Enfield CEO to explore new frontiers.

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Newsmaker of 2021: Pratap Bose
by Nilesh Wadhwa  26 Dec 2021

Trading places from Tata Motors, where he was for 14 years, to Mahindra & Mahindra, Pratap Bose challenged his comfort zone and in the process hit the...

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Newsmaker of 2021: Siddhartha Lal
by Sumana Sarkar  26 Dec 2021

From shareholder activism on salary hike to 120 years of the Royal Enfield brand, 2021 has been nothing short of a ‘Himalayan Odyssey’ for the Eicher ...

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Newsmaker of 2021: Roland Bouchara
by Murali Gopalan  26 Dec 2021

One of the key points Roland Bouchara drove home in a recent interview was that profitability would be top priority for Stellantis India.

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Newsmaker of 2021: Elon Musk
by Sumana Sarkar  26 Dec 2021


From readying mission to Mars, selling stake in Tesla to making a surprise visit at the Volkswagen Executive Conference, it’s been an action-packed ye...

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