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STMicroelectronics announces new platform for dig...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 20 Jun 2022

Digital car keys can enhance security and give owners greater convenience by allowing them to customize their usage privileges while still securing t...


STMicroelectronics launches navigation chip for au...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 11 Jan 2022

The compact chip helps driver-assistance systems make accurate decisions about the road ahead.


STMicroelectronics develops single-chip automotive...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 14 Jul 2021

Suitable for both exterior and interior lighting, the ALED6000 drives a single string of LEDs at up to 3A and has a wide input-voltage range of 4.5V t...


Renault picks STMicroelectronics for supply of EV,...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 25 Jun 2021

STMicroelectronics will develop custom-made products and solutions to further improve the efficiency of Renault Group’s electric and hybrid vehicles. 


STMicroelectronics launches smart power electronic...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 07 Jun 2021

New product family to combine Power GaN with intelligence for smaller and more highly integrated system solutions for the EV era


STMicroelectronics targets carbon neutrality by 20...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 10 Dec 2020

Comprehensive roadmap covers the reduction of direct and indirect emissions, including product transportation, business travel, and employee commuting...


SYSGO and STMicroelectronics to demonstrate secure...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 18 Dec 2019

The automotive secure gateway implements a comprehensive security concept including a virtualised firewall, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), fast ...


STMicroelectronics and Audi to develop next-gen li...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 30 Oct 2019

The partners say the next-gen lighting design will enable more customised and animated lighting patterns and will give unique design styling to Audi c...


STMicroelectronics launches low-power automotive a...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 02 Aug 2019

The company says the robust, low-power automotive accelerometer adds durability to secure remote key fobs.


STMicroelectronics Q2 FY2019 profit at $339 millio...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 29 Jul 2019

STMicroelectronics president Jean-Marc Chery confirms the company’s plans for investment of $1.1 to $1.2 billion in 2019.


STMicroelectronics new GNSS module targets busines...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 18 Jun 2019

he low-power modes include continuous-fix with adaptive and power-saving cycled modes, periodic-fix with GPS only, and fix-on-demand with the device i...


STMicroelectronics' first industrial summit to deb...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 28 May 2019

The summit themed 'ST Innovates for a Smarter Industrial World,' will focus on motor control, power and energy, and automation.


STMicroelectronics' introduces new microcontroller...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 22 Feb 2019

STMicroelectonics' domain controllers enable the transition toward software- and data-oriented architectures while reducing harness complexity and ele...


STMicroelectronics to buy majority stake in chips ...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 07 Feb 2019

Acquisition will extend ST's silicon carbide ecosystem and strengthen ST's flexibility to serve the fast-growing automotive and industrial application...


STMicroelectronics and Hyundai Autron open joint d...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 04 Feb 2019

The Autron-ST Development Lab (ASDL) provides an environment for engineers from both companies to collaborate on pioneering solutions for eco-friendly...


Rohm adopts STMicroelectronics solutions for wirel...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 04 Feb 2019

The detection of contactless smart cards in proximity to the charging system in order to halt the charging immediately.


STMicroelectronics and Arilou partner to detect au...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 24 Jan 2019

The project to produce a fully integrated solution that addresses protection against intrusion via communication buses in automotive body and gateway ...

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