Why the next Range Rover faces the toughest challenge yet

autherAutocar Pro News Desk     calendar05 Jul 2018

Electrification provides new challenges that the next Range Rover will have to overcome.


Will autonomous cars affect the price of pizza?

By James Attwood, Autocar UK calendar13 Apr 2018

Ford's self-driving car test programme has created some American Hot topics of discussion - including the cost of food...

Why won't some car firms call an SUV an SUV?

By James Attwood, Autocar UK calendar19 Feb 2018

SUVs are hugely popular with buyers, yet some car makers seem afraid to use this label.

Volvo must capitalise on its electric advantage now

By Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK calendar29 Jan 2018

It may seem like Volvo is ahead of the game, but others may soon catch up if it doesn't act fast.

The cars that Peugeot could bring to India

By Nikhil Bhatia calendar25 Jan 2017

You’ve read this before, but this time around Peugeot really is coming to India. Nikhil Bhatia examines its product li...

Detroit motor show: Donald Trump vs the Mexican car industry

By Andrew Frankel, Autocar UK calendar18 Jan 2017

Trump takes aim at Mexico's car industry in his latest crusade, but what price will the wider car industry pay for thi...

A road less taken: cyber security for connected cars

By Shrikant Shitole, MD, India Symantec calendar01 Dec 2016

Online videos show hackers remotely taking control of cars in ways that can endanger drivers and passengers.

Why autonomy won't kill off driving as we know it

By Matt Prior, Autocar UK calendar12 Nov 2016

Autonomous cars make sense on busy motorways, but our love of driving will prevent the end of it as we know.

Tesla's second masterplan is ambitious, but all the more exciting for it

By Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK calendar26 Jul 2016

Tesla has had remarkable success in its formative years - so is this second masterplan really achievable?

Autonomous driving tech comes under scrutiny

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar01 Jul 2016

Autonomous driving is not so much about being able to check your emails or enjoy that burger as the car drives itself,...