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Why rule of origin is a Brexit time bomb
by Jim Holder, Autocar UK 19 Jan 2021

EV batteries sourced from abroad could be subject to a 10% tariff, spelling trouble for cars assembled in the UK


UK car industry 'welcomes' tariff-free post-Brexit...
by James Attwood, Autocar UK 25 Dec 2020

Trade deal agreed between UK government and European Union should allow for tariff-free trade of cars and car parts


To be deemed British, a car must have a reach certain value level of British parts - if doesn't, and it isn't, it could be subject to EU tariffs


Nissan and Toyota to seek compensation from UK in ...
by Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK 06 Oct 2020

Japanese firms demand government cover tariff costs if UK and EU can't agree to a free-trade agreement.


JLR to halt production for a week after Brexit
by Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK 30 Sep 2019

JLR will close its plants for a week in November to reduce supply chain disruption following UK departure from EU


EU Automotive Inc leaders unite against ‘no-deal’ ...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 23 Sep 2019

Europe’s leading automotive representatives warn of catastrophic consequences of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit; barrier-free trade crucial for continued success ...


No-deal Brexit contingency plans cost UK car indus...
by Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK 31 Jul 2019

Planning for a no-deal departure from the EU has taken money away from investment, says industry body SMMT.


Jaguar Land Rover boss: settling Brexit will be go...
by Jim Holder, Autocar UK 28 Jun 2019

JLR's UK Managing Director says settling Brexit in any way should have financial advantages for the firm.


SMMT urges next British PM for an automotive-frien...
by Felix Page, Autocar UK 26 Jun 2019

UK manufacturing sector stands to lose £50,000 per minute in the event of a no-deal Brexit.


Brexit shutdowns hit UK car production hard in Apr...
by James Attwood, Autocar UK 30 May 2019

Apex industry body SMMT again warns of no-deal Brexit risks after planned shutdowns lead to sharp decline in manufacturing


Brexit and diesel powertrain concerns lead to UK c...
by Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK 17 May 2019

Exclusive Autocar UK survey finds sales being delayed by worries over Brexit and diesel.


Brexit could be ‘opportunity’ for Vauxhall
by Autocar Pro News Desk 27 Feb 2019

PSA Group boss Carlos Tavares says Vauxhall’s British heritage could help it ‘survive’ Brexit.


Analysis: Brexit and the UK car industry
by Nick Gibbs, Autocar UK 20 Feb 2019

Is Brexit already having a damaging effect or will it be the catalyst for a turnaround?


Daimler boss issues Brexit warning after 2018 prof...
by Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK 07 Feb 2019

Mercedes parent firm's net profits fell 28 percent in 2018 due to “strong headwinds" and higher costs are predicted in 2019.


Brexit impact: Jaguar Land Rover factories to shut...
by Tom Morgan, Autocar UK 25 Jan 2019

Plan to mitigate any potential Brexit disruption to affect all of JLR’s UK manufacturing facilities


Toyota boss Akio Toyoda: no-deal Brexit must be av...
by James Attwood, Autocar UK 22 Oct 2018

Toyota chairman leads Japanese car industry call for frictionless UK-EU borders.


Car industry body to launch no-deal Brexit aid pac...
by James Attwood, Autocar Uk 10 Oct 2018

SMMT chiefs to offer advice and support on coping with Brexit to automotive companies.


Toyota: no-deal Brexit could halt UK production fo...
by James Attwood, Autocar Uk 01 Oct 2018

Japanese firm warns failure to reach a deal for leaving EU could have major impact on its Burnaston plant.


Jaguar Land Rover boss: hard Brexit will cost jobs
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK 12 Sep 2018

Ralf Speth says "tens of thousands" of jobs will be lost if Britain doesn't secure a smooth exit from the European Union.


Ford joins ranks of UK car makers in warning no-deal Brexit would be damaging to operations, following significant drop in earnings.

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