Saab partners Tech Mahindra and others to prevent road fatalities in India
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Dec 2020

SITIS [Sweden-India Transport Innovation and Safety Collaboration] is one of the largest collaborations in the road safety arena - involving 15 Swedish & Indian companies and ...

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SABIC’s new PBT-based LNP STAT-KON compounds deliver an RF absorption of 67 percent at 77GHz, which could allow for increased ADAS functionality

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Indian Oil has launched a  premium grade Petrol (Octane 100) across ten cities. Late last month, HPCL introduced its Octane fuel, 'poWer 99'.

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Partnership for aerospace engineering in India and Rolls-Royce will transition a significant part of its engineering centre capabilities to Infosys.

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Maxxis India says it will focus on the top level tyre dealer showrooms to promote the range of high-quality tyres both for the scooter and motorcycle ...

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From vehicle electrification to petrol-powered CVs and a car made entirely from recycled waste, it’s all there in the latest edition along with exclus...

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First launched in France as a button company in 1865, the automotive supplier has been a trendsetter, and continues to explore new markets as a provid...

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At Rs 89.02 a litre and rising at around 20 paise every day, petrol should cross the Rs 90 a litre mark in a few days.

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With backing from manufacturers, the document proposes different methods to ensure transport becomes carbon-neutral.

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The facilities are equipped with nine multi-energy test benches, which enable different types of tests to be carried out on IC, electric, hybrid and C...

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Increasing international crude prices on the back of news about Covid19 vaccines and general improvement in economic  situation have led OMCs to incre...

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Rawat, formerly Managing Director, Bharti Infratel, will be responsible for accelerating Sun Mobility’s business growth and expansion plans in India.

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In an effort to preserve and promote vintage vehicles in India, MoRTH intends to formalise registration of vehicles which are over 50 years old with 1...

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HPC-based architecture replaces conventional, distributed control unit architectures in vehicles; Natural 3D Lightfield Centerstack first automotive...

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Mahindra & Mahindra to secure a stake in TVS ASPL and in turn, MFCSL will become a subsidiary of TVS ASPL.

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The lab will focus on the research and development of electronic solutions for engine, vehicle, and agricultural controls in tractors.

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The new machine can operate on CNG and diesel simultaneously using Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition technology.

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Based on its experience with OEMs on production projects involving software for HPC architectures, EB conservatively estimates savings of up to 30 per...

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As part of the initiative over the next 12 months, the fund will support top researchers from leading universities in the UK, US and a number of mobil...

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Will conduct test testing and development of e-axles and e-drive units for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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The company says its Simulia applications enable engineers and R&D teams at MRV to enhance their engineering simulations and accurately predict real-w...

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