EV sales in India down 19% in FY2021 but demand grows for electric cars
by Ajit Dalvi 22 Apr 2021

While e-PVs saw 110% growth in a difficult year, the off-take for e-two- and three-wheelers is down, indicating the need for more affordably priced models.

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While automobiles are a key contributor to global emission, experts say the solution is in linking it to the economic agenda and creating a cohesive i...

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Leading aftermarket B2B trade fair aims to connect buyers and sellers online; global and Indian suppliers showcase latest tech and products

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This move is expected to increase production capacity by 25% in the next two weeks with an aim to further improve by 50% in the near future.

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The conference will bring together panels comprising of leading industry CEOs and CXOs and also engaging technical paper presentations.

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Transparency, data analytics and an open mindset are must-haves for India to make the switch to smart manufacturing.

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As lockdowns spread, auto supply chains come under...
by S Barooah, M Dhingra, N Wadhwa & S Abidi 20 Apr 2021

Second wave of Covid and lockdowns across India to impact small ancillary suppliers, which face challenges of liquidity as well as checking a potentia...

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Econovus Packaging is working with manufacturers and suppliers to enable up to 93 percent reduction in their carbon footprint in the overall packaging...

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Pune-based packaging engineering company facilitates reduction in carbon footprint for the automotive industry through clever and green packaging solu...

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Since FY2017, the company has despatched over 720,000 vehicles using the Indian Railways; offsets over 3,200 MT of CO2 emissions, cumulatively.

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Number of key markets including Karol Bagh raided; huge quantities of fully packaged counterfeit Phoenix automotive halogen bulbs seized.

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The partners will collaborate in the development of a level 4 autonomous system including REE corner technology and Navya self-driving solutions.

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With US FCC approval, EU ETSI compliance and JP TELEC certification, Tier 2 supplier’s globally regulated 4D imaging radar provides lifesaving in-cabi...

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As the second wave of Covid-19 engulfs India and industry, the former CEO of Royal Enfield tells Murali Gopalan that the country needs a technocrat at...

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EQS Drive Pilot contains Veoneer’s fourth-gen stereo vision camera system and advanced 77GHz radars for enhanced perception

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New facility in Tennessee to increase GM's ability to lead production of batteries at scale; Ultium battery tech is at the heart of GM's EV strategy

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The company claims unlike other auction websites and classified websites that are consumer to business (C2B) or business to consumer (B2C) driven.

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The LBPV is an adopted version of Lockheed Martin’s (LM) CVNG (Common Vehicle Next Gen) and has been developed under TOT from LM to Ashok Leyland. It ...

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This collaboration will allow drivers to integrate the functions they want going forward during the entire service life of their vehicle by downloadin...

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New Transportation-as-a-Service Division to oversee mobility business for Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation

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With the second wave of the pandemic underway, there is growing concern among automakers on what lies ahead.

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