Reaching out in a time of coronavirus

autherAutocar Pro News Desk     calendar06 Apr 2020

The CEO of Sujan ContiTech AVS Pvt Ltd and Polyrub CooperStandard on ensuring safety for company staffers; staying connected with customers and suppliers, and thanking the forces on the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis.

Navigating through unusually challenging times

By Raman Nanda, founder and CEO, Step Transformations calendar04 Apr 2020

The fear of Covid-19 is unique in terms of its impact. Plants are closed, inventories are piled up, suppliers are unpa...

What's the future of mobility, after Covid?

By Brian de Souza calendar04 Apr 2020

In a world that's dynamically changed with Covid-19, lifestyles, behaviour and transport choices will see a change in ...

Serious efforts to support India's manufacturing sector: How will they work?

By Madan Sabnavis, Chief Economist, CARE Ratings calendar28 Mar 2020

Some manufacturing segments, especially SMEs, have borne the brunt of getting out of business. Find out how the measu...

Why is logo design going flat?

By Sergius Barretto, Autocar India calendar26 Mar 2020

Why are automotive logos becoming 2 dimensional and losing a lot of their design elements? And is this a good idea?

Tech Talk: Can food crops like wheat be used to cut your car's emission

By Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK calendar23 Mar 2020

Plants absorb carbon-dioxide when growing which counteracts combustion emissions - at least, in theory.

How to supercharge the zero-emission transition

By Julie Furber, VP (Electrified Power), Cummins Inc calendar06 Mar 2020

Julie Furber, Vice-President of Electrified Power, Cummins, writes on what's still missing from the EV conversation.

Industrial safety: A timeless value for continued growth

By Sanjiv Paul, Senior VP-Mfg, India Yamaha Motor calendar02 Mar 2020

The national theme declared by National Safety Council of India for the year 2020 is ‘Enhance Safety & Health Performa...

Axing the Geneva Motor Show was the right (and only) decision

By James Attwood, Autocar UK calendar28 Feb 2020

New metal is all very well, but our priority must be protecting the world's health

What would drivers do after self-driving cars take over?

By Prakash Chandra Pathak, BetterPlace calendar22 Feb 2020

The core issue is that general-purpose driving is an extremely complex problem to solve. To understand the challenge,...