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Tata Motors’ Rajendra Petkar: ‘Going forward, modularity is going to be a way of life at Tata Motors.'

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar22 Dec 2018

Tata Motors’, Rajendra Petkar, Chief Technology Officer talks about strategies to tackle new challenges and tap new op...

The American who made it big in China

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar21 Jan 2017

Many move to the USA to live the American dream. But here’s the story of an American who has made it big in China. Jac...

IIT Guwahati works on developing indigenous e-mobility solutions

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar16 Jan 2017

A team of researchers is at work on developing an indigenous electric powertrain. A key focus is to move away from usi...

Rashmi Urdhwareshe | ARAI | Autocar Professional Dialogue

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar13 Jan 2017

Rashmi Urdhwareshe on new regulations for various vehicle segments, new challenges for the industry and solutions to m...

'Somewhere around 2027, in sheer numbers the Internal Combustion engine may peak.'

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar08 Jan 2017

Continental AG’s Board Member, Powertrain Division, talks about the future of the IC engine, new scope for GDI in Indi...

'We are on a journey now and we want to make this into a great company. So the best is yet to come.'

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar06 Jan 2017

With a slew of strong initiatives across its operations, Vinod Dasari, the MD has transformed Ashok Leyland into a lea...

Autocar Professional's Man of the Year 2016: Vinod Dasari, MD, Ashok Leyland

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar06 Jan 2017

The managing director of Ashok Leyland surely has had the challenge of his career in leading the transformation of thi...

EXCLUSIVE: Ashok Leyland to launch an LCV every quarter

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar05 Jan 2017

Ashok Leyland is set to up its game in the LCV market. . It is learnt that a passenger carrier version of the Dost – c...

Tata Motors plans advanced virtual reality showrooms for passenger vehicles

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar27 Dec 2016

The showrooms, the first of which could come up during the second half of 2017, will offer customers 5D experience.

Tata Safari, Xenon part of Rs 460 crore order from Indian defence forces

autherSumantra B Barooah calendar23 Dec 2016

Both the Xenon and the Safari Storme will replace the Maruti Gypsy SUV, which has been in use by the defence forces fo...