Analysis: Why Ford called it quits in India

autherAutocar Pro News Desk     calendar13 Sep 2021

Another one bites the dust with Ford announcing its intent to stop manufacturing in India. It joins General Motors which had taken this decision earlier. Are policies to blame or are some companies just not up to it coping with the challeng...


Analysis: How safe are electric cars?

By Autocar UK calendar11 Feb 2021

Batteries and high-voltage electrical systems can pose a fire risk – but in reality, EVs are just as safe as other car...

Analysis: 'British' cars matter more than ever for the UK post-Brexit

By Autocar UK calendar19 Nov 2020

To be deemed British, a car must have a reach certain value level of British parts - if doesn't, and it isn't, it coul...

India's most fuel efficient 125cc scooters revealed

By Ajit Dalvi & Firoze Irani calendar29 Dec 2019

The thriving 125cc scooter segment is seeing a marked shift in 110cc buyers looking to upgrade to more premium models....

Analysis: The numbers behind the FCA-PSA merger

By Autocar UK calendar06 Nov 2019

As the car-making groups agree to tie the knot, we take a closer look at the merger's prospects.

The road ahead for Tesla

By Hilton Holloway, Autocar UK calendar24 Oct 2019

EV maker faces huge losses despite a high market valuation. We speculate on its future.

The emission-free way of building cars

By Richard Bremner, Autocar UK calendar20 Sep 2019

Amid the push towards clean EVs, car makers target emission-free manufacturing

Analysis: Dr Pawan Goenka’s 10 mantras for India Auto Inc to ride out the slowdown and emerge future-fit

By Ajit Dalvi calendar06 Sep 2019

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Managing Director, while thanking the component industry for enabling BS VI compliance to OEMs i...

Global sales of pure EVs grow by 92% in first-half 2019

By Felipe Munoz, JATO Dynamics calendar27 Aug 2019

The total volume from 41 markets around the world equals around 780,000 vehicles in the first half of the year and Chi...

Analysis: Why new car buyers are ditching diesel for hybrids and EVs

By Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK calendar28 Jun 2019

Over one third of prospective new car buyers expected to opt for some form of electrification