July 1, 2018

July 1, 2018

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TAL Manufacturing solutions’ growth strategy in a market taking slow steps at robotisation.

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Mumbai-based supplier targets Rs 400 crore turnover by 2022. Their products claim to achieve 50 percent weight reduction versus metal-based AVS soluti...

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Marquardt lays down strategy to not only expand its existing Pune-based R&D centre but is also aggressively looking to set up an all-new production pl...

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Mumbai-based firm looks to bring about a paradigm shift in the automotive supply chain with its high-quality pallets and foldable large containers.

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​$255 billion (Rs 1,830 crore) is being spent on over 200 electric vehicles globally and many of them are poised to end up as a financial pile-up.

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Chief Commercial Officer of the Netherlands-based DSM Engineering Plastics speaks on burgeoning demand for high-performance engineering thermoplastics...

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Get to know the latest industry news specific to the state of Maharashtra through in-depth features, exclusive interviews and analysis. Plus plenty of...

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