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The company says the outlook for the domestic market is positive but is subject to continued momentum on the investment in infrastructure.

The company expects domestic revenues to be flat and exports to be lower than last year compared to Q2 FY2020.

Bharat Forge says HRMS is ideal for deploying in high–footfall areas like educational campuses, hospitals, gated communities, retail stores, railway s...


UK-based start-up, in which Bharat Forge has a 35% stake, severely impacted due to Covid19. Though its technology platform is evolving, its financing ...


Chairman and MD Baba Kalyani says Bharat Forge's strength in technology, innovation and strong financials will prove very useful in capturing the chan...

Baba Kalyani has confirmed that he has assigned the group’s R&D facilities for developing and supplying critical medical equipments like ventilators.


The Times They Are a-Changin' for Bharat Forge
by Shahkar Abidi and Sumantra B Barooah 25 Jan 2020

Under Baba Kalyani, Bharat Forge is not just looking to protect its profit margins but also embrace the winds of change with aplomb


Kalyani is being recognised for his contribution to strengthen India and Japan relations in the economic field.

The company says the government has taken cognisant of the situation and is expected to take steps to improve the situation.

Tier 1 supplier, the major investor in the electric motorcycle start-up, ups its equity stake ahead of the launch of the Tork T6X.

Daimler's 13- and 15-litre flagship engines are considered to be among the most technology-enabled high-performance heavy-duty engines in commercial v...

Total revenue at Rs 16,925 million grew by 21.7% compared to Q3 FY2018. Record quarterly revenues from oil and gas and aerospace and defence verticals...

Bharat Forge looks to accelerate digital transformation at its manufacturing facilities while targeting higher levels of productivity and efficiency a...


Bharat Forge sees a strong growth opportunity in both domestic and international markets. It is also gearing up to be at the forefront in terms of sup...


The announcement marks the third major initiative of Bharat Forge in the electric vehicle space. Earlier the company had set-up an engineering and dev...

Bharat Forge reports a robust growth in FY2018, on the back of a strong performance in domestic and international markets. The company is also banking...

Bharat Forge's defence product portfolio includes the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Light Bullet Resistant Vehicle (LBRV), Ultra-Light Strike Vehi...


Bharat Forge has completely divested from the power equipment JV with GE

Pune-based component major setting up two plants in the Khed area of Pune for manufacture and export of parts for electric and hybrid vehicles globall...


Bharat Forge sets up new company in Israel
by Nilesh Wadhwa 25 Jan 2018

The subsidiary will explore targets in the technology space and also tie-up with universities/technology institutions in further upgrading research an...

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