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VE Commercial Vehicles’ February sales up 19 perce...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 01 Mar 2021

The Eicher trucks and buses have recorded sales of 5335 units in February representing a growth of 20.2 percent YoY.


VE Commercial Vehicles introduces high-on-connecti...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 22 Jul 2020

Eicher LIVE is a comprehensive trucking solution for maximising customer’s profitability and productivity.All new vehicles will come with 2 years’ sub...


VE Commercial Vehicles sells 4,720 units in Novemb...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 06 Dec 2018

Out of the total sales in the month, 4,602 units came from Eicher while Volvo brand contributed 118 units.


VE Commercial Vehicles to set up new Rs 400 crore ...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 08 Oct 2018

The greenfield plant is slated to go on stream in the next 18 months with an initial capacity of 40,000 trucks. This will be in addition to the capaci...


VE Commercial Vehicles sells 3,176 units in Novemb...
by Autocar Pro News Desk 01 Dec 2016

VE Commercial Vehicles has sold 3,176 units in November 2016, down 12.7 percent year on year (November 2015: 3,639 units). The sales comprise 3,067 un...


VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) has registered sales of 5,365 units in April 2016, up 36.5% year on year (April 2015: 3,930). The sales comprised 5,326 ...


As India’s economic growth hints at ‘achhe din’, VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV), an equal joint venture between Eicher Motors and the Volvo Group

Siddhartha Lal, managing director, VE Commercial Vehicles

The senior vice-president, Truck Joint Ventures and Volvo AB and Board Member, VE Commercial Vehicles, speaks to Shobha Mathur on Volvo’s India gamep...

The CEO of VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd speaks toShobhaMathuron the new Eicher brand of buses to roll out of the Dhar plant, doubling exports, and makin...

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