Promoted: All you need to know about the Anti-Braking System (ABS) in two-wheelers

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 26 Mar 2019

Stopping your motorcycle or scooter in a hurry on a slippery road can involve severe risk. In such challenging situations, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) allows the rider to have a better control over the vehicle.

The anti-lock braking system has not just become an important safety feature in cars  but also in two-wheelers. It is basically a safety feature designed to prevent accidents and help riders reach their destination safely. The anti-lock braking system uses a different mechanism compared to the conventional brakes as it allows the rider to reduce the stopping distance on slippery or dry surfaces, maintain directional stability and control over steering.

Apart from this, here are the few things you need to know about the anti-braking system:

How does it work?
The concept is very simple. The role of ABS is to prevent wheels from locking. It monitors the speed of the wheel and if any sort of potential lock is detected, then it instantly releases the brake over the problematic wheel. Anti-lock braking systems are able to sense potential lock and address the problem more efficiently than the rider. The ABS system provided by the two wheeler manufacturers comprises of three major factors:

- Hydraulic Units – Monitors the speed of wheel
- Wheel speed sensors – Pump the brakes
- Electronic control unit – Directs the hydraulic units to pump the brakes

When would an anti-lock braking system be useful?
An anti-lock braking system will benefit the rider in the following conditions: 
- ABS proves to be useful in poor weather conditions to navigate through wet or slippery roads.
- Also, when an animal or person appears suddenly in front of the vehicle, ABS allows the two-wheeler rider to steer and brake at the same time. This mitigates the risk of sudden accidents which put the lives of drivers / riders in danger.
- When a vehicle suddenly veers in front of you, it allows you to apply the brakes.

Therefore, the government has made it mandatory for two-wheelers to have the anti-lock braking system as two-wheelers account for the highest rate of accidents in the country. Besides, for those who are looking to buy two wheeler insurance online, go for Royal Sundaram – it offers comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies at affordable prices.