Tata Motors rolls out 200,000th Nexon in 46 months since launch

by Ajit Dalvi 10 Jun 2021

Tata Motors today rolled out the 200,000th Nexon compact SUV from its plant in Ranjangaon in Pune. Launched on September 21, 2017 at Rs 585,000, the Nexon has taken a little less than four years or 46 months to be precise to cross the production milestone.

The Nexon raced past the 50,000 unit first production milestone in September 2018 and zipped past the 100,000th mark on August 31, 2019. The 150,000th Nexon rolled out in 39 months on November 5, 2020. Since then, the last 50,000 units have been recorded in less than seven months, with demand outpacing supply and production limited due to the pandemic.

The Nexon is among the top three highest selling compact SUVs in India. In March 2021, Nexon sales hit a monthly high of 8,683 units.

As per Autocar Professional’s statistics till end-March 2021, the Tata Nexon has sold a total of 193,376 units, comprising 189,285 petrol and diesel variants as well as 4,091 Nexon EVs.

Tata Motors's sharpened focus on vehicle safety has paid dividends to sales, as customers are flocking to buy safer cars. In December 2018, the Nexon became the first made-in-India car to received a full 5-star adult safety rating by Global NCAP. Since the compact SUV’s launch in 2017, Tata Motors has constantly upgraded the Nexon for safety, GNCAP certification, design, regulations, emissions and segment defining feature additions. It is now available in 20 variants including 12 in petrol and 8 diesel with automatic and manual transmission options.


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