Continental India brings over 50 safe, clean and intelligent mobility solutions to SIAT 2019

by Amit Panday 16 Jan 2019

Continental's fuel saving electric heatable catalytic converter on 48V basis.

Technology company Continental is showcasing a varied range of solutions in the category of safe, clean and intelligent mobility at SIAT 2019 (Stall No. 171). They include over 50 high-end mobility solutions such as door handle sensor, NOx sensor, electrically heated catalyst, compact CAT, EMR3, 48V BSG, door control units, wireless power charger, MK C1, Mini MAB, ACU, V2X, injector, and connected cluster, to name a few.

MK C1:
 The innovative brake system enables recuperation of braking energy in a much wider range than standard regenerative brake systems, due to the 'brake-by-wire' design (pictured below). The innovative 'One-Box' system integrates the tandem master cylinder (TMC), brake booster and control systems (ABS and ESC) into a single compact and weight-saving module.

Mini MAB: One-channel ABS is a small and lightweight solution for scooters and small motorcycles, which is easily adaptable to vehicles, because only one-wheel speed sensor is required.

V2X: Vehicle-to-X (V2X) ad-hoc-communication in real-time is an important building block towards highly automated driving and the realisation of Vision Zero. Continental’s V2X product solutions support all vehicle architectures as an all-in-one package (V2X-OneBox) as well as a split into V2X safety application electronic control unit (V2X-AU) and communication unit (V2X-CU).

Airbag control unit: Each version of Continental’s airbag control units is based on a modular safety platform called SPEED which is scalable, flexible and cost optimised through modular building blocks (pictured above).

EHC: Electrically heated catalyst for petrol, diesel passenger car as well as heavy duty applications including a high effective support catalyst, which ensures light-off temperature is reached in minimum time.

Compact CAT: This is a close-coupled mounted catalyst integrated in a reverse chamber flow, which works as a common catalyst system for different vehicle platforms with petrol and diesel engines (pictured above).

48V BSG: The 48 Volt Eco drive system has been developed for cost-efficient mass hybridisation. The powerful electric motor with integrated inverter realises numerous functions so far only available in high voltage systems.

NOx Sensor: The sensor measures the NOx upstream and downstream of the SCR catalyst to control the urea dosing and to diagnose the operation of the SCR system, with the performance is independent of catalyst, ECU supplier and engine management system, which provides real-time, high accuracy measurement.

EMR3: The Axle Drive technology is a highly integrated electric drive system with inverter, electric machine and reducer, which provides an advantage when it comes to integration, sourcing and validation.

Door Handle Sensor: This product is a sealed module integrating various keyless access functions into a door handle — capacitive lock and unlock, mechanical switch, Hall ICs, LF antenna, pocket/ground lighting and NFC reader.

Door control units: This provides a reliable and  safe operation of all electrical door-related functions such as power window regulation, central door locking or adjustment of outside mirrors. The integration of several door-related functions into the door control unit decreases the wiring effort and saves weight and costs.

Wireless power charger: Enable wireless charging of all compliant devices as well as increased GSM coverage by antenna coupling. Additionally, the company offers easy Bluetooth pairing of the vehicle and the mobile device using NFC standard.

Connected cluster: Two-wheeler display solution, based on high-resolution colour TFT display technology, this scalable architecture offers various customisations and easy application programming by logi.CAD and grADI, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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