Continental India breaches 5 million EBS production milestone

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 22 Mar 2022

German tier 1 supplier Continental’s Gurgaon plant has achieved a milestone by producing five million Electronic Brake Systems (EBS) in five years including the Covid-19 led pandemic.

The company's EBS portfolio comprises Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for passenger cars and anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) for passenger cars and two-wheelers.

Krishan Kohli, head – Segments, Vehicle Dynamics and Hydraulic Brake System, Continental Automotive India said, “Localisation has been another important aspect of Continental India strategy as we achieved the five million mark since we have been consistently increasing our manufacturing and R&D footprint in India aligned with our customer preferences and needs.”

The German company began localisation of EBS units at its Gurgaon plant in 2016, while the manufacturing of electronic control units (ECU) for EBS was set up in January 2018 at the Bengaluru plant. In addition to the Indian customer the EBS are also exported to other Asian regions. Kohli stated that the company is targeting to "raise the annual EBS production capacity by 25 percent in the next three years."

At present, Continental supplies a variety of safety products for different segments of vehicles. The 1,200 grams MK 100 ABS Entry has been designed for vehicle segments A, B, and C. The MK 100 product family, the hydraulic and electrical interfaces are compatible with each other, which makes the MK 100 easily applicable for platform concepts of car manufacturers.

Up until now, the two-channel ABS MK 100 MAB or three-channel MK 3-2 MAB (Motorcycle Anti-lock Brake System) has been available as a mid-range feature, while the MK 100 Motorcycle Integral Brake System (MIB) has been available as an advanced feature.

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