Ceat rolls out label-rated tyres in India

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 08 Feb 2021

Ceat Tyres has rolled out the first label-rated car tyres in India. Under this initiative, Ceat will introduce performance indicator ratings for its premium products – Fuelsmarrt and SecuraDrive. The aim is to empower tyre buyers to make an informed decision. 

The overall rating system is in line with international rating systems prevalent in the tyre industry. The ratings are based on important tyre performance indicators like Rolling Resistance, Wet Grip and Tyre Noise level. A higher rating for rolling resistance indicates better fuel saving while higher wet grip ratings indicate solid braking capability of the tyre; a lower noise level connotes a more comfortable drive.  

The FuelSmarrt tyres are available in 12-14 inches for premium hatchbacks while the SecuraDrive range of tyres are available in 15 inches for premium sedans and compact SUVs. 

Commenting on the development, Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer, Ceat Tyres said "We take pride in being the country’s first tyre manufacturer to introduce the tyre label rating system for our consumers. Ceat’s goal is to help consumers make smart and well informed choices and we see this system playing a huge role in empowering the customers to make the right decisions." 

Ceat says it has implemented similar performance rating also known as labelling norms in European and Middle East markets as per required regulations.

India is set to introduce a star-rating labelling system for tyres. At present, Manesar-based ICAT is the only organised capable of testing tyres and capturing data therein. It has three tests (detailed below) which can be can be conducted by any of the government authorised labs under the CMVR :

Wet-grip performance: This will evaluate the characteristic of a tyre to offer good friction with the road surface under wet conditions.  

Tyre coasting noise: It will measure the noise created by the tyre when it rolls along the road. 

Tyre rolling resistance: This test, conducted inside the tyre testing lab, measures the impact of a tyre’s resistance on a vehicle’s fuel consumption. 

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