ICAT symposium focuses on new tyre technology for future efficiency

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 Jan 2021

The fourth edition of International Symposium on Automotive Tyre Technology (iSATT'21), organised by the Manesar-based International Centre for Automotive Technology of India (ICAT), was held on January 14-15. The focal point of this webinar was 'Airless Tyres' and other future tyre technology R&D with specific reference to the automobile industry’s needs.  

This two-day event was attended by delegates from the transport department, tyre industry, OEMs, ATMA/ITTAC, DPIIT, research institutes, academic institutions and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It was inaugurated in the presence of Jayanta Roy Chowdhary, DDG (Standardisation –P&M) Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS); Saurabh Diddi, director, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE); Dr Arun Jaura, MD, Michelin India Technical Centre; Tom K Thomas, executive director, Ceat; Dinesh Tyagi, director, ICAT and Sunil Kumar Kalia, Chief Business Oficer, ICAT. 

In his address, BIS’ Jayanta Roy Chowdhary stressed upon the need for fuel efficient and safer tyres for upcoming vehicles. Saurabh Diddi, director, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) spoke about the ‘Star’ rating program for energy efficient tyres. The star rating system is designed to rate tyres as per their rolling resistance and wet grip. While the rolling resistance rating gives an indication of the tyre’s fuel efficiency, the wet grip rating is about the level of braking performance on a wet patch of road. Tyres with a good Star rating will help cut down the CO2 footprint and in turn reduce fuel consumption in vehicles.

ICAT: Ready for star-rating tests
ICAT’s Dinesh Tyagi, who spoke about future tyre technology like airless tyres, road safety and upcoming regulations on TPMS, also highlighted that ICAT has comprehensive tyre testing facilities as per AIS:142.

According to SK Kalia, CBO-Centre2, ICAT, the tyre testing facility is an example of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ as it was indigenously designed and developed with all technical accreditations from NABL (ISO:17025) and BIS approval. ICAT is equipped with advanced test facilities like rolling resistance and wet grip which are required for Star rating testing of tyres as per BEE notification. ICAT also has facilities for rolling sound emission, NVH testing for tyres (indoor) and outdoor test tracks to cater to tyre manufacturers.

In the opening technical session Dr R Mukhopadhyay, director and CEO of HASETRI and Director (R&D) of JK Tyre & Industries, made a presentation on the future direction of R&D in the tyre industry.

The event saw a number of technical papers and panel discussions involving industry experts from India, Sweden, and Oman speaking on global regulations and trending tyre technology.  

Interview with Dinesh Tyagi: ‘ICAT is building capability for full-fledged PV development even as things are set to become easier with e-mobility.’

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