Volkswagen Group delivers 10,974,600 vehicles globally in 2019, up 1.3%

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Jan 2020

The Volkswagen Group has delivered 10,974,600 vehicles globally in 2019, registering a growth of 1.3 percent. Volkswagen has confirmed volume growth in Europe (3.9 %) and South America (3.2 %) and slight falls in North America (-0.5 %) and Asia-Pacific (-0.4%). They have also witnessed growth of 80 percent with their electric vehicle portfolio with 140,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen sold 4,552,800 vehicles in Europe in 2019, leading to a YoY growth of 3.9 percent against the 2018 figures. In Western Europe, 3,747,000 customers took delivery of a vehicle from a Group brand (+ 4.6 percent). In the domestic market of Germany, growth was even stronger and 1,364,000 vehicles were handed over to customers (+ 6.2 percent). In Central and Eastern Europe, deliveries rose by 1.1 percent to 805,800 vehicles. In Russia, the Group brands handed 233,600 vehicles over to customers, 1.6 percent more than in 2018.

Volkswagen Group 2019 sales

In the North America region, the Group recorded a slight fall in deliveries but was able to slightly expand its market share in an overall market which shrank more strongly. 951,500 customers of a Group brand took delivery of a new vehicle, a fall of 0.5 percent. In the USA, 654,200 vehicles were delivered, corresponding to a rise of 2.5 percent. In Canada, deliveries totaled 112,200 vehicles, a fall of 5.3 percent. In a shrinking overall market in Mexico, deliveries fell by 7.4 percent to 185,100 vehicles. Nevertheless, there was a slight increase in market share.

Volkswagen Group Region-wise 2019

In the South America region, the Group succeeded in boosting deliveries despite a fall in the overall market and therefore significantly expanded its market share. Customers took delivery of a total of 608,600 vehicles, 3.2 percent more than in 2018. In Brazil, the Group grew deliveries significantly by 17.1 percent to 470,400 vehicles. In Argentina, the overall economic situation was challenging. The Group was also affected by this trend and recorded a fall in deliveries of 39.5 percent to 71,800 vehicles, which still represented a significant increase in the market share.

Volkswagen Group Brand-wise 2019 sales

In the Asia-Pacific region, the Volkswagen Group recorded a slight fall of 0.4 percent in deliveries to 4,530,100 vehicles. In an overall market which shrank more strongly, the market share was significantly expanded. In China, the Group’s largest single market, deliveries in a shrinking overall market rose by 0.6 percent to 4,233,600 vehicles, leading to a significant rise in the Group’s market share.

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