Pioneer Arms up to mitigate accidents with AI

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 31 May 2019

Pioneer Corporation has agreed to jointly develop data analysis/behaviour and accident risk prediction models with ‘Arm Treasure Data’, the data management business unit of Arm, the UK-based semiconductor and software design company, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

In the joint development, Pioneer and Arm Treasure Data will conduct behaviour/accident risk prediction models based on Pioneer’s Intelligent Pilot, its ADAS solution for vehicles on the road, to reduce traffic accidents by combining the two companies’ technologies. The prediction models include Pioneer’s digital map data analysis technology and Arm Treasure Data’s customer data platform construction, analysis and expertise. Through this collaboration, both companies will help reduce traffic accidents of all vehicles including motorcycles. Arm’s Treasure Data will perform mobility data collection, design analysis algorithms using collected data, and support predictive model construction using its customer data platform.

To prevent traffic accidents and ensure the safety of car driving, Pioneer has been offering an ADAS solution called ‘Intelligent Pilot’ for vehicles on the road since April 2017. This is a driving assistance solution which aims to support safer driving through the use of its digital map-based accident risk prediction platform and connected IoT devices, and incorporates ‘Your Scoring’, the AI-based scoring feature that diagnoses potential risks for each driver.

Arm Treasure Data provides the cloud-based analytical platform for managing customer data and IoT data. The platform integrates the data end-to-end in a seamless data pipeline with an easily accessible interface. It facilitates collection, analysis and use of data including data querying, data enriching, and the conversion of complicated processes into workflows.

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