Pioneer introduces camera for AI-based ADAS solutions

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 Mar 2019

Pioneer, a Japan-based digital solution provider, has introduced a driving assistance solution which aims to support safer driving through the use of its digital map-based accident risk prediction platform and connected IoT devices. It has augmented its lineup with a connected dual camera drive recorder equipped with a driver monitoring function that is able to detect drowsiness and driver distraction.

It features -

1) A driver monitoring function that detects driver drowsiness or distraction through an in-cabin camera and infrared sensors

 -Drowsiness detection function

Through AI-based algorithms, metrics such as eyelid opening and closing times, blink frequency and face inclination are detected to determine drowsiness in real-time and issue alerts

 -Distraction detection function

The face’s tilt angle and time is detected to determine inattentiveness in real-time and issue alerts * This product uses the driver monitoring software from Jungo Connectivity Ltd. * In the future, the feature set will be upgraded to include personal authentication and other functions.

2) Equipped with a safe driving assistance function that detects dangerous driving on the part of the driver through a forward camera

-Front Car Proximity Alert Detects when the car in front in the same lane gets too close and alerts the driver

-Lane Veering Detection Function Detects when the car has veered to one side of the lane and alerts the driver

3) Achieves advanced safe driving support

- Issues alerts and warnings based on accident risk prediction

Predicts the risk of an accident in real-time based on various data including digital maps, probe data, accident-prone spots and weather as well as driver tendencies, and alerts or warns the driver only when there is a high risk of an accident

 - AI scoring feature

Uses digital map data and GPS location information to diagnose potential risks for each driver

Set to debut in Japan in April, the gadget will make it possible to monitor the state of the driver in real-time and provide improved assistance for safe driving. Pioneer will continue to upgrade the features and the device lineup offered with ‘Intelligent Pilot’ and make efforts to reduce traffic accidents by proposing use of the system to various companies in the automotive sector and lay the groundwork for an overseas expansion.

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