Nissan sells 372,272 units globally in April 2019, down 4.9%

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 31 May 2019

Nissan’s April 2019 sales report indicates a global sale of 372,272 units, which is a YoY decline of 4.9 percent. Its biggest market, China, saw a YoY drop of 14 percent while its second-highest market, the US, saw YoY growth of 9 percent and the North American cumulative market of Mexico and Canada saw YoY  growth of 2.4 percent.

Comparing with the previous month (March, 2019) sales report, Nissan saw a drop of 32.16 percent in global sales (March 2019: 548,750 units). While Nissan saw its biggest growth from the Russian market in March 2019 (11,416;25.2%YoY), April 2019 saw it drop to 4,104 units (-39.5% YoY and -64% MoM). Nissan’s biggest market by volume, the North American market, saw a MoM decline of 34 percent. In China, Nissan’s sales went down by 11,515 units in a month (-8.6% MoM).

With sales going down, Nissan has been balancing its inventory with reduction in production. In April 2019, their global production figure stood at 399,651 units (-9.7% YoY). Their biggest drop in production was observed in the UK with a YoY decline of 35.8 percent. However, Nissan saw an 8.8 percent rise in production from its Chinese plants.

Exports from Japan to its European markets saw a YoY dip of 63.6 percent. Total exports from Japan was down 39.3 percent in comparison to the same month last year.

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