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Autocar Professional: Jan 2023
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India speeds ahead in road mishaps

autherAutocar Pro News Desk calendar16 Jan 2023

While road traffic accident related injuries and death rates are highest in the African region and lowest in the European region, somewhere in-between is India.

Zooming off the shelves: Indian cars outsell Korean brands

autherAutocar Pro News Desk calendar16 Jan 2023

While domestic car models have successfully upped their game and were the second most sought after Japanese brands in 2022, they also overtook the Koreans in the same year.

Autocar Professional’s January 1, 2023, issue is out!

autherAutocar Pro News Desk calendar07 Jan 2023

While the global automotive passenger car industry was struggling in 2022, India’s markets were on the rise.

​​​​​​​India beats Japan in the global car race

autherAutocar Pro News Desk calendar04 Jan 2023

A strong bounce back in the demand for personal mobility and last-mile deliveries after the pandemic have helped India overtake Japan in car sales for the first time ever. India is now the third largest auto market in the world. 

SUVs overtake humble hatchbacks as the biggest selling body style in India

autherAutocar Pro News Desk calendar23 Dec 2022

With an estimated sale of over 1.5 million units, SUVs are likely to account for 42% of India’s overall passenger vehicle market in CY2022, while the share of hatchbacks share is estimated at 35 percent.

5G to help accelerate drive to digital factories in India

autherAutocar Pro News Desk calendar21 Dec 2022

With machine-to-machine communication becoming faster on a private 5G network within an enterprise, the latest connectivity technology is set to give a fillip to smart manufacturing.