May 15, 2022

May 15, 2022

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With its new plant set to commence operations by end 2023 and de-bottlenecking activities at its India and Thailand plants set for completion, the com...

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The company is keen to capitalise on growth opportunities in the lubricants market and wants to launch new products, target the three-wheeler segment ...

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EVs face a slew of challenges including thermal runaway and the need for safe batteries. Pluss says it has the answers.

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Pumpumpum bets big on leased vehicles
by Nilesh Wadhwa 25 May 2022

Changing behaviour patterns and mobility preferences are giving vehicle leasing a greater thrust.The company aims to reach out to new private and corp...

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Speaking about the recent partnership with EKA, Raghavender Sahadev, CEO and co-founder, NuPort Robotics, says the company aims to have a commercially...

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David Krajicek, CEO, Jato Dynamics speaks about the Indian consumer’s unique interplay between two- and four-wheelers and how global trends are manife...

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Targeting rural markets, recasting the overall cost structure and converting one of its four India plants into an export hub are part of the new goals...

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Even as it monitors the situation, Tata Motors is looking for alternative components and semiconductors.

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Beyond electric, Ogata plans to reboot HMSI in terms of launching a new 100 bike for rural India and converting the Manesar plant in Haryana into an e...

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The effort to boost farm incomes through a unique sense of collaboration driven by technology is paying off rich dividends for the tractor maker.

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The development is keen to put up new capacities in motor or ECU manufacturing considering the increasing momentum in e-mobility adoption in the count...

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The company will also tap the expertise of its design centre in Europe to cater to the growing penchant of Indian customers towards vehicles bearing E...

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CV Raman who is closely associated with Maruti’s product development and R&D functions for over three decades puts things in perspective.

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CNH eyes larger global role for India
by Murali Gopalan 16 May 2022

With CNH now lending more support to the India business, the team here has done a lot of work on drawing up a competitive cost structure.

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In the state's increasingly chaotic transport in its urban areas, taking a ride with a pilot gives one a sense of speed in a state where the ambience ...

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The American automaker withdraws PLI application for EV exports.

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The investments have a focus on building electric powertrain parts and components.

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The company’s marketshare performance has been broad based across all segments as a result of several initiatives including a wider service and sales ...

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Maruti says 40 percent of pending orders for this pocket-friendly CNG despite rising prices

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The OEM is testing various radar and camera-based safety features.

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