Mahindra Reva plans to introduce bouquet of EVs in Bhutan

by Sumantra B Barooah , 21 Feb 2014


Mahindra Reva is planning an aggressive strategy to tap the electric vehicle (EV) market potential in Bhutan, which is aiming to become a zero emissions nation. In an exclusive interview with Autocar Professional, Chetan Maini, CEO, Mahindra Reva says, “If an area is trying to go fully electric, it’s not about one product any more. It’s probably about a set of solutions. We always say we are in a solutions business. This resonates very well with our strengths and what we would like to do.”

There could be at least three EVs from Mahindra in Bhutan. The first will be the e2o, which will be launched soon. The Verito electric, which is production-ready, and the e-Maxximo (Maxximo van’s EV version) could follow the e2o. It may also set up EV support infrastructure in the country.

EVs in the public transport fleet have a bigger impact on the environment than cars used for personal transport. That’s where an area like capital city Thimphu, which Bhutan envisages as a ‘clean-electric’ city for its more than 100,000 citizens, provides good opportunity for players like Mahindra who can also offer an EV for public transport.


Maini feels that Bhutan’s prime minister has made a very forward and strong statement by announcing his vision to have only environment-friendly EVs in the country. “I think there’s a lot of context to what can be done. It could then become a precursor of how other countries start thinking,” says Maini.

Nissan, the leading player in the global EV market with its Leaf, has made a move to tap the potential EV market in the Himalayan kingdom by setting up a sales company in Bhutan. As a first step, Nissan will deliver Leafs for use in the government fleet, and as taxis, as well as demonstration units for the national rollout of EVs. Mahindra on its part, will make its pitch with multiple models.

In the next two years, Mahindra will have at least 5 EVs (including electric versions of existing models). It won’t be surprising if all of them make their way to Bhutan.

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