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Denso demo to show ‘talking car’ tech language is universal

Kariya (Japan), October 16, 2012: The language of ‘talking car’ technology can be universal. The key is cross-Atlantic collaboration. Japanese supplier Denso is to provide the platform that demonstrates how a single vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) technology application is viable across two continents. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the European Commission (EC) will demonstrate this activity at the 19th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress 2012 to be held in Vienna, Austria, from October 22-26.

The real-time demonstration will show a US and European vehicle exchanging wireless safety messages using identical Denso V2X hardware and similar software to illustrate the Emergency Electronic Brake Lights scenario.

Pressing the brake pedal in the lead vehicle triggers an alert in the trailing vehicle – it does not matter whether the EU or US protocol is active, both behave the same for the user. What this demonstrates is that the same hardware and similar software could be used in either/both continents.

Denso has been working on Connected Vehicle, or V2X technology since 2003, and one of its main focuses is on Dedicated Short-range Communications (DSRC) devices. (DSRC is communication using IEEE 802.11p / ETSI ITS G5). The DSRC's primary function is to assess the surrounding environment based on accurate and precise data exchanges with other vehicle DSRC transceivers and roadside hotspots. The data exchanges include a vehicle's location, velocity, acceleration and path history, which can enable on-board computers to predict trajectories and reduce the likelihood of collisions. That same data, along with additional information from the traffic signal, can also help drivers avoid running red lights and prevent crashes at controlled intersections (roadside hotspots).
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