A changing Indian auto sector

Dec 19, 2012

The Indian automobile industry has reached a very interesting point by now: multinational companies (MNCs) have reached a 75 percent market share in the passenger...


Can Myanmar be the new frontier for India?

Feb 15, 2012

India’s neighbours are happy hunting grounds for automotive OEMs. Tata and Leyland trucks ply the roads of Sri Lanka and in Pakistan, Daewoo trucks, owned by Tata...


Decisive action needed for double-digit growth

Dec 19, 2011

SINCE THE USHERING in of liberalisation and deregulation in 1991, the Indian economy has grown faster than in any of the years since Independence. The pace of...


Roti, Kapda aur car

Dec 24, 2010

In the last five year, India’s per capita income has doubled from Rs 29,676 in FY05 to Rs 58,683 in FY10. In this same period, private final consumption increased...


The way forward.

Apr 21, 2010

The Indian car market is expected to grow to four million units per year by 2015, thus increasing the car penetration per 1000 people substantially. This will...


ATS Elgi targets smart workshops

Apr 15, 2009

ATS Elgi Ltd's new product range is targeted at modern garages keen to notch improved business without expanding infrastructure. Sometimes there is good news...