Mando’s brake by wire tech wins CES 2022 Innovation Award
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Jan 2022

The Korean supplier says the Mando IDB2 HAD is the first commercially available integrated (1-box) electronic brake with dual safety design, which operates normally even in si...

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The company says upon activation, the system eliminates, in a single airflow cycle, more than 95% of viruses, including Covid-19, as well as any bacte...

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VinFast will initially assemble battery packs with cells sourced from its supplier at its U.S. complex before starting its own production there

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Innoviz360 LiDAR allows multiple scanning software configurations with up to 1,280 scanning lines (10x) at a cost-effective and durable solution than ...

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The changing colour can make the BMW car more efficient by taking into account light and dark colours in relation to reflecting sunlight and the absor...

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Hyundai to pioneer new ‘Metamobility’ concept and envisions distinctions between future mobilities will become blurred through extended robotics techn...

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To shape the software-defined future of mobility, Bosch will also be pooling development activities for application-independent software in one unit b...

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