Connected tech to drive growth for Bosch

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 05 Jan 2022

Bosch is targeting smart and connected solutions at the growth driver going forward. Whether you are at home, on the road, at work, in the hospital or even in orbit, the company is tapping into new areas of business through software, services, and licenses. 

“We are systematically digitalising our core business to increase the benefits for our customers. Going forward, we aim to turn the sale of every digital product into services-based revenue as well,” says Tanja Ruckert, the Bosch Group’s chief digital officer, at CES in Las Vegas. 

To shape the software-defined future of mobility, Bosch will also be pooling development activities for application-independent software in one unit bymid-2022.  “We see the combination of AI and IoT as holding the key to leveraging the most user benefit from both of these technologies,” Ruckert added.

Bosch Tech Compass
The Bosch Tech Compass – a representative survey conducted in five countries and presented for the first time at CES – shows what people across the globe expect from new technologies. According to the survey, the majority of respondents (72 percent) are convinced that technological progress is making the world a better place, for instance as a key to fighting climate change (76 percent). At the same time, four out of five people think technology should be more focused on tackling the great challenges of our time rather than serving individual needs. “We at Bosch also believe that technology offers a broad range of benefits,” Ruckert says. “When we talk about high-tech, we’re not talking only about pushing the envelope on what’s possible. We use technology as a means to improve people’s lives wherever they are.”

Bosch is also rapidly advancing connected and automated driving. Over the past five years, Bosch has generated some nine billion euros in sales just with driver assistance systems and the associated sensors.

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