AIDA Engineering harnesses IoT for metalworking transformation

The company is is set to unveil its cutting-edge DSF-N2-4000A series servo control system at IMTEX 2024 in Bangalore, India

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AIDA Engineering harnesses IoT for metalworking transformation

AIDA Engineering, a trailblazer in metal forming, is revolutionising the industry through the strategic incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As the manufacturing sector grapples with challenges such as a diminishing workforce and an aging skilled labor pool, AIDA leverages Digital Transformation (DX) technologies, including AI and real-time monitoring, to enhance efficiency, quality control, safety, and maintenance.

Challenges and Solutions

With a declining number of young workers and an aging skilled workforce, AIDA addresses these challenges by utilising DX technologies. Real-time monitoring of operational conditions and AI-driven identification of potential issues reduce the burden on operators, ensuring stable operations independent of individual workers' experience levels.

AIDA continually enhances corporate value by leveraging its unique technologies and product development capabilities accrued over a century as a press forming pioneer. The company provides comprehensive solutions, including auxiliary equipment, forming methodology development, and after-sales services.

Technological Advancements

As an expert in press forming systems, AIDA boasts a century-long legacy of developing optimal press lines. Pioneering innovations include the world's first direct-drive servo press, transforming press forming systems. AIDA's technological and product development capabilities are further enhanced by customising press solutions according to clients' needs and internalising the production of critical components.

Comprehensive Solutions

AIDA optimises production lines by offering comprehensive solutions covering press machines, auxiliary equipment, and forming methodology development. Acknowledging the increasing sophistication and diversity of manufacturing sites, AIDA recommends holistic press forming systems, auxiliary equipment, and forming methodology development to address diverse challenges.

IoT-Powered Service and Support

AIDA maximises IoT's advantages for both equipment and after-sales support. The company emphasises preventive maintenance through its IoT system, Aicare, enabling metalworking companies to predict potential machine failures based on usage and condition. This proactive approach reduces unplanned downtime and enhances overall equipment effectiveness.

AI Integration in Control Systems

AIDA's latest DSF-N2-4000A series servo control system incorporates advanced AI for easy servo motion setting, seamless press and peripheral equipment operations, fault detection, real-time monitoring, and AI predictive failure detections. The system ensures operators can efficiently manage press equipment, contributing to operational excellence.

Debut at IMTEX 2024

AIDA is set to unveil its cutting-edge DSF-N2-4000A series servo control system at IMTEX 2024 in Bangalore, India, from January 19-23, 2024. This debut marks an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to witness groundbreaking technology in action for the first time in India.

As AIDA Engineering continues to lead the way in embracing IoT in metalworking, the transformative leap towards greater efficiency, precision, and competitiveness underscores the industry's need to adopt IoT as a strategic advantage. By harnessing real-time data, predictive analytics, and remote monitoring, AIDA empowers metalworking companies to optimise processes and thrive in an increasingly connected and data-driven manufacturing landscape.

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