Zypp Electric partners Battery Smart for battery swap tech

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 Jan 2022

Battery Smart, a battery-swapping network start-up for electric vehicles has partnered Zypp Electric, a leading shared electric mobility start-up. Under the partnership, 2,000 Zypp electric two-wheelers will be integrated onto Battery Smart’s network, this will allow the users to access more than 175 Battery Smart swap stations across the Delhi-NCR region. A pilot of 200 e2Ws is already underway.

The partners say Battery Smart’s battery-as-a-service model will allow Zypp Electric to lower its CAPEX while scaling operations. The e-two-wheeler users will be able to save time and leverage a well-established network to swap batteries at any location - enabling them to be on the road for longer durations.

Pulkit Khurana, co-founder, Battery Smart said, “Our partnership with Zypp Electric adds a large base of commercial two-wheelers and helps us improve the utilization of our growing network. As the largest network for battery swapping in the country, we help mitigate the fear of range anxiety typically associated with EVs, especially for the logistics segment.”

Akash Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Zypp Electric said, “Having access to the largest network of battery swapping in the country helps our drivers be on the road for longer durations. The partnership with Battery Smart also allows us to remain asset-light while expanding our fleet numbers further, without incurring a large CAPEX associated with the batteries and stations.”
At present, Battery Smart has more than 175 battery swapping stations across Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, the company has completed 700,000 swaps and currently services more than 2,500 electric two- and three-wheelers daily. Going forward, Battery Smart aims to provide EV drivers access to two-minute swaps within a 1km radius.

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