ZF partners motorsports in India

by 19 Nov 2013

November 19, 2013: ZF, one of the world’s leading automotive component suppliers, is furthering its engagement with motorsports in India. ZF Race Engineering develops designs, builds, and markets shock absorbers and clutches especially for racing and high-performance series-production automobiles.

At present, the Volkswagen Polo R Cup racing cars are being equipped with ZF shock absorbers. ZF is also the official sponsor of Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 and is keen on further taking the technology ahead to promote the sport in India which is in the developing stages. ZF’s association with Volkswagen Polo R Cup India started with the debut series. Since then all the racings cars have been equipped with the ZF shock absorbers, specially designed by the ZF Race Engineering team.

In all product areas, the development goals of ZF Race Engineering are to reduce dimension, reduce weight and enhance performance. ZF’s components, dampers and clutches have been used in series production as well as in motorsports.

Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, comments: “The connection between ZF and Volkswagen Motorsports in India is an extension of the global association between these two partners. With the partnership we are able to point out our prominent competencies as a development partner and technology leader in motorsports. We furthermore aim to contribute to the further evolution of motorsports in India using the experience and expertise we have gained throughout the world, especially in Europe.”

Key features of ZF technology used in the cars for the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 include:

• Monotube gas pressure technology (standard in high-performance sports suspensions), ensures precise handling

• One way adjustable dampers with 18 clicks; adjustment varies overall damping ratio in both bump & rebound curves.

• Availability of vehicle ride height adjustment presents wide range of vehicle setup options

• Precise and repeatable vehicle setups available within the broad adjustment range

• Enhanced vehicle responsiveness and grip during high speed driving.

• High-quality surface finishing for long-lasting corrosion resistance even when used in the most demanding of conditions

Speaking about the technology and his experience Rahil Noorani, professional motorsport driver who is currently second in the standings of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013, said, “The suspension is one the most crucial elements of a car and becomes even more important when it comes to performance driving. In Cup Racing, the suspension plays a major role in the handling of the vehicle and is responsible for tackling high speed corners. The ZF shock absorbers in the Polo R Cup racecar have been giving a fantastic feedback with technology that has taken racing experience to a new level. This has helped me in improving my performance race after race.”