Zeon Charging partners Ather to expand public charging network

by Sricharan R 24 Dec 2021

The Tamil Nadu-based Zeon Charging has partnered smart electric two-wheeler manufacturer Ather Energy to collectively accelerate the pace of expansion of their public charging network.

Through this partnership, Ather will install its Ather Grid points in existing and future Zeon Charging stations. Zeon in turn will work with Ather to install four-wheeler chargers at existing Ather Grid locations wherever possible.

In August this year Ather opened its proprietary charging connector to other two-wheel manufacturers. Having both two- and four-wheeler chargers at the same location will drive synergies in power availability, backend infrastructure and the capability of charging EVs.

Karthikeyan , CEO of Zeon Charging said, “Our 40 charging stations that are operational today have so far been mainly focused on fast charging four-wheelers and more heavier vehicles. Our partnership with Ather Energy now enables our charging station to be equipped with Ather Grid points, enhancing our infrastructure to now charge two-wheelers." 


Nilay Chandra, VP - Marketing and Charging Infrastructure, Ather Energy said, “Ather Energy is one of the few electric vehicle manufacturers which also invests in building a charging infrastructure. The Ather Grid has now entered the next phase of expansion. We have already reached over 250 touch-points and with the launch of our new product, we will now expand to reach over 500 locations by March 2022."


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