Volvo Group lays foundation of virtual laboratory

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 17 Mar 2022

Volvo Group today laid the foundation for its Vehicle TechLab which is a part of its R&D operations in Bengaluru.

In a press note the company said with this development, the Group’s R&D operations in the country become the largest development site outside of  its headquarters in Sweden. 

“This Vehicle TechLab has been designed as a collaborative virtual workspace that will create a simulated workshop environment using technologies like virtual reality, human body motion tracking and realistic digital rendering of vehicles that allows Volvo’s engineers globally to connect and collaborate virtually. This facility will significantly reduce development time, improve problem solving and offer better insights and speed in building innovative solutions,” says CR Vishwanath, Vice President, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, India. 

In July 2021 Volvo Group launched CampX, its Global Innovation initiative after first establishing it in Sweden. CampX in India has already engaged with 70 startups and is now building multiple proofs of concept with several of them.

"Volvo Group has one of the most ambitious SBTi targets in the industry, targeting the 1.5-degree pathway, where we will achieve net-zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. By 2030, we hope to reduce the CO2 emissions of our vehicles by 40 percent  and will target 50 percent of our trucks sold to be electric. To achieve this path, we are in the midst of a global organisation- wide business transformation to adopt emerging technologies, as well as new business models, across automation, electro mobility  and connectivity. By 2030, 50 percent of our revenues will come from services and solutions. India will play a key role in this transformation journey as its largest R&D site outside Sweden,” said Jan Grander, Deputy CEO, Volvo Group.

“Our aim is to provide one of the most rewarding & satisfying work environment for our engineers including a global network, good work-life balance, flexible workplaces and that which is marked by trust, transparency and  collaboration - while being immersed in advanced technology that goes in making world leading trucks,” said Kamal Bali, President and MD, Volvo Group.

Volvo Group Trucks in India employs around 1600 engineers, and this number will significantly go up in the coming years, the company said. The current set up includes a host of facilities such as vehicle garages, electrical and electronics lab, AR/VR Lab, and access to proving grounds.


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