Updated Bajaj RE compact rickshaw to get new front styling and more tweaks. 

by Akbar Merchant, Autocar India 03 Dec 2018

The updated Bajaj RE autorickshaw has been spied by us on test in Mumbai.  Spotted near Sion, this test-mule had its front panel partially covered along with some masking on the front mudguard.  While the vehicle sported a simple black paint and no camouflage which actually would help it blend with the sea of black Bajaj rickshaws in Mumbai.  

A closer inspection revealed that the test-mule sports the same front styling that was revealed recently on the Bajaj RE electric rickshaw showcased at the MOVE summit held in Delhi on 7th and 8th September.   This confirms that the updated RE will get a sleeker front with elongated headlamps and a slightly larger mudguard for the front wheel.  The test-mule also features a slightly different design for its top with see-through material used on the sides and an upright design without the curved roof seen on the standard models. 

The test-mule was running on petrol-CNG powertrain and featured jerry cans placed on the rear seat for dead weight.  Another interesting thing to note on this test-mule was the larger front and rear wheels that looked more like a straight lift from Bajaj’s Maxima commercial vehicle range. However, it would be interesting to see whether these wheels make it to the production spec model. 

Bajaj currently sells multiple models of the RE compact three-wheeler in India and also exports to many international markets. 

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