Tork Motors to launch tech-laden Kratos electric bike soon

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Jan 2022

Pune-headquartered Tork Motors, which was among the first Indian start-ups to work on electric motorcycle is finally set to launch its e-motorcycle codenamed T6X as ‘Kratos’. Scheduled for a virtual launch in the last week of January, the company says Kratos is a truly ‘Made in India’ smart motorcycle and has been under extensive research and development for over six years. The T6X was first unveiled in 2016 and was supposed to be available for a promotional pricing of Rs 125,000.

According to the company it is the first vertically integrated electric vehicle in India, that is powered by the company’s proprietary Tork Liion battery pack with advanced axial flux motor topology for highest peak power and range. 

The start-up says Kratos will feature its signature TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) intelligence system that aides urban commuters switch for an unparallel riding experience. In addition to technical analysis, power management, real-time power consumption, data compilation on every ride, and range forecasts; Tiros would play a critical role in complementing the rider and the machine. It is equipped with fast charging capabilities and 4G telemetry for data and service support. 

Kapil Shelke, CEO and founder, Tork Motors said, “After years of extensive research and iterations, we are all set to showcase the India’s first electric motorcycle - Kratos. As the name indicates, Kratos is personification of strength and power. It’s not only renamed as Kratos but developed entirely as a brand-new motorcycle than T6X with notable redesigned frame and styling achieved by rigorous testing with internal and external teams.”

It features improved ergonomics, LED Headlight, taillight, and a new version of the split seat for seating comfort to the city rides. The larger battery pack provides more range and faster-charging ability. 

Since inception, Tork Motors says it has filed more than 50 patents and designs under IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) to bolster its R&D and cutting-edge technology.

The company will begin booking after the virtual launch with the expected deliveries expected to commence within a couple of months.

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