Steelbird Helmets launches face shields, plans to produce 40,000 units per day

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 May 2020

Steelbird Hi-Tech India one of the largest helmet manufacturers in Asia has announced its foray in the medical devices segment. It has launched 5 different types of face shields to support the country’s fight against Covid-19.

Steelbird says its face shields have been designed according to the need and requirement of the end-users and are equipped with variety of designs, features, sizes and usage – use and throw, static face shields and face shields with sophisticated flip-up function among others. The company says such features are perfect for medical professionals, frontline soldiers including police, para medical staff, healthcare workers and sanitation workers besides general public at large.

Commenting on this development Rajeev Kapur, MD, Steelbird Group said, “It’s in the DNA of Steelbird group to  design and develop quality products which may look ordinary but always have extra ordinary features and qualities and more over they are life saving devices and Steelbird Face Shields are no exception to this.”

The company claims its face shields offer several advantages. The shield extends below the chin anteriorly to the ears laterally and there is no exposed gap between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece. The face shields can be reused indefinitely and are easily cleaned with soap and water, or common household disinfectants, are comfortable to wear, protect the portals of viral entry, and reduce the potential for autoinoculation by preventing the wearer from touching their face. The use of a face shield allows visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for speech perception.

Steelbird says due to its state-of-the-art quality and features it has received an overwhelming acceptance and now the company is aiming to produce over 40,000 face shields per day in next two months.

The company says the features of these face shields include:

  • These are one of the longest face shields available in the market which covers the complete face of a person.
  • Flip-up function that allows to move the shield up and down.
  • Anti-scratch coated
  • Available with anti-fog too
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate shield
  • PU foam covered with soft fabric for comfort on the forehead
  • Adjustable size for different head sizes.
  • Optical true
  • Shield with peak cap
  • Thickness of approx. 2mm
  • UV printed face shields

“Steelbird Helmets is planning to launch face shields for kids in different and attractive designs in a week’s time” added Kapur.

He says that kids are the most vulnerable to viruses as keeping them in check is a big task for parents especially when unattended at parks. Hence, face shield can work as a big tool as kids often are hesitant to wear masks. Also, special designer face shields are being developed for women to make them adapt face shields as a daily use product.

Kapur says he has also requested the government of India to abolish GST from these life saving devices such as face shields, PPE kits, masks and sanitizers among others, as these all are going to be a necessity for people and to encourage public to use them, we must relook into the pricing which is possible if govt supports  and do away with the taxes on these items. The price range of these face shields varies between Rs 299 to Rs 699.