Shell India launches Advance AX7 10W-30 lubricant for high performance bikes

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 09 Oct 2018

Shell Lubricants, the global market leader in finished lubricants, today, launched its new grade of premium, semi-synthetic engine oil under the Shell Advance AX7 range. The company says with an increasing number of OEM’s looking to improve fuel economy of their vehicles by using appropriate low-viscosity, friction reducing engine oils, the company has introduced the Shell Advance AX7 10W-30.

Shell says that the new product is in line with changing market trends and will complete its portfolio. The company says AX7 10W-30 is specially formulated for new powerful engines and modern bikes with price of Rs 453, the Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 will be available in packs of 1 litre and 0.9 litre across India and will come in an innovative, convenient and attractive limited-edition pack.

The product was unveiled in New Delhi by Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India and Danilo Petrucci, celebrated MotoGP Rider of the Pramac Racing team. The company says the event marked a reinforcement of Shell’s technical partnership with Ducati, which helps Shell meet and exceed customer expectations around the world. The partnership has been invaluable for the continued development of Shell Advance products in the most testing environments.

Speaking at the event,  Mansi Tripathy said, “The two-wheeler engine oil market in India is consistently growing at a healthy CAGR 7.2 percent as per a Kline & Company 2017 report. In line with this growth, we are committed to innovate using technology to not only meet the on-road challenges of bikers, but also surpass their expectations. With the Shell Advance AX7 10W-30, we want to focus on providing powerful and exhilarating riding experiences to bikers.”

Gareth Flood, chief marketing officer, Shell Lubricants, India, said, “Indian consumers are becoming increasingly passionate about their bikes and are avid followers of global racing series such as Moto GP. By bringing a MotoGP rider to India for launching the AX7 10W-30, we are attempting to engage more closely with our consumers and offer products according to changing market dynamics and trends. Shell Advance is central to powering Ducati bikes on the track in extremely testing environments and this itself is a testament to its superior on-road performance.”

Talking about the critical role of the right oil in ensuring engine health,  Danilo Petrucci, said, “There is increasing enthusiasm in the youth for riding higher capacity bikes, and using the right lubricant is critical in ensuring the engine health of these. Shell’s involvement in premier class motorcycle racing has helped develop the Shell Advance lubricant range for the road. With the Advance range of engine oils, bikers globally can benefit from the cutting-edge technology developed on the track. The transfer of knowledge gained from this experience to Shell’s products is central to the Technical Partnership with Ducati, as MotoGP provides the most extreme test bed for Shell’s products. If it’s good for MotoGP, it works even better on roads.”

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